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  1. since my gf is a is a jamie gold fan AND likes to go to the bathroom, i'm thinking about this for her birthday.
  2. not the answer i was looking for but thanks.....
  3. Just out of curiosity, what are some of the longest winning streaks you guys have had? I'm talking in terms of winning sessions in a row.
  4. Well, slap my *** and call me Susan!
  5. did somebody say something about sandwiches.... i'm hungry.
  6. you are a complete d bag.
  7. if he's Australian, the "dog" chasing him was probably a dingo.
  8. i think i found him...http://www.bluffmagazine.com/Tournaments/e...pe=2&dayof=
  9. eric molina... nevermind....i'm gonna go kill myself.
  10. someone should burn that tick off her ***.... it's right above the word 'say'.
  11. thought it was hilarious. keep up the good work!!
  12. Nice.... frickin' newb, probably lucked out with something like K7.....K7 suited or something like that.very funny
  13. he was in the BB and the new player was to his left....UTG, not sb.that is all
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