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  1. Why is it that every time I read one of your posts, I find myself staring at your sig for at least 30 seconds??? Who is she?
  2. i don't really use my keyboard that much when i play. does anyone have any other suggestions for good poker mouse?
  3. pokercontrols.comJust read about it in the back of the new Bluff. Thoughts?
  4. I just read this thread while stars was down, and I kinda wish I would've just continued staring at the empty poker tables instead.
  5. 65,000 players....13,000 tables. that's a lot of rake they're not paying right now.
  6. Love that movie...owning mahony. i kinda get sick watching it though. its kinda disturbing.
  7. nice work! ...loved the piss bowl bit.
  8. well put...'cept for the part where your wife needs a rim job.
  9. i heard johnny chan threw his shoe at matt damon after he didn't tell him what his cards were in that scene in rounders. who throws a shoe....honestly?
  10. i agree with the OP. if you were at a restaurant and your waiter farted or lying on a bed in a hotel with a hooker and she farted you'd all be upset. when you're paying someone for a service, even if it is a hand job, they should be professional.
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