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  1. Third option: MisclickI've had the displeasure of folding the nuts by mistake.Had something like trip Kings on an otherwise rag table and bet 3000 out of 3060 by mistake. Didn't drag the slider far enough.My opponent raises to 6k to get my last 60 and I hit fold by mistake ...Took me about a month before I was able even smile at it.
  2. I heard this one described to me:Two player to the flop (short stack and chip leader).Flop comes 7h8h9hShort stack pushes, CL calles.short stack has 5h6hCL has Q7 off suit.Turn and river comes ThJh, leaving the short stack with a Jh straight flush (playing the board) and the CL with a Qh straight flush.But, the one someone else described in another thread would be much much worse.I think it was something like a board of6s7s8s8d boardTwo players all-in5s9s for player 18c8h for player 2Both player are happy because that qualifies for a bad beat jackpotRiver: Ts.Player 1 now has a T high straight
  3. Mine is 99. It's kinda strange, cause I have a surplus on TT, 88, 77 and 66.Been playing it very different lately, but I haven't checked it's status in that timeframe
  4. First off, thank you all for the replies, secondly thank you for the link to that converter. Hadn't seen that one before.As for folding the hand preflop, that wouldn't be out of line for me with that hand in the first hand of a SNG, but I was getting something like 5:1 on it.The turn bet is horribly low, but the pot is so large, that I can't see any kind of bet that would allow me to keep my money at all (outside of me hitting a full house on the river). The pot is $750 and each of us has $1.000 each. If he has a flush, I'm screwed as it is on the turn; if he's on a straight draw, sure, he onl
  5. Here's the hand in question:Full Tilt Poker Game #1786237679: $5 + $0.50 Sit & Go (13227117), Table 2 - 15/30 - No Limit Hold'em - 23:23:29 ET - 2007/02/12The button is in seat #9*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to MrSchou [Qs Kd]BOS foldsdrumbeat101 foldsboots2814 foldsdizzymmd calls 3056 Oger foldsgotouts101 calls 30MrSchou calls 30SanDiegoTex calls 15Bakie checks*** FLOP *** [Kc 4h Qc] (pot is 150)SanDiegoTex checksBakie checksdizzymmd bets 90gotouts101 foldsMrSchou raises to 300SanDiegoTex foldsBakie foldsdizzymmd calls 210*** TURN *** [Kc 4h Qc] [2c](pot is 750)dizzymmd checksMrSchou bets 170d
  6. Cash games.For some reason, I just can't break even in cash games, so I'll end up blowing most of the money I generate playing SNGs. Can't for the life of me figure out what makes me moderately effective in SNGs (cashing in about 35% of my games, with 46% of cashes being 1st places) but makes me a crappy cash game player.
  7. The reason 6c7d is so good is down to the rest of the hands on the table. Let's just look at pairing cards:Q3 has 5 remaining cards to hit pairs (2 Q's, 3 3's) Will lose, if it just hits the Q, so it needs to hit the 3 as well.92 has 4 remaining cards (2 9's, 2 2's) Will lose, if it just hits the 9, so it needs to hit the 2 as well.TT has 1 remaining card to improve on.A2 has 4 remaining cards (2 A's, 2 2's) Will lose, if it just hits the A, so it needs to hit the 2 as well.8T has 3 remaining cards (2 8's, 1 T) Will lose, if it just hits the T or (1 or 2)8, so it needs to hit the 2 8's as well
  8. Well, considering that you mention that both the flop and the opponent had , I'd consider it a rigged game.Either that or you got your cards wrong on your citation from somewhere else.
  9. At the risk of sounding stupid, but doesn't that simply reinforce the same kind of tourbo-feel to the first half or so of the tournament? Once we're past the half way point, I suppose it'll be more pleasant, as we can generally knock in about 50 hands/hour 5 handed. But that's still a bit low - to my limited senses at least.This is a live game, btw, but with a timelimit per player of 20 seconds per action. Not sure if that makes a difference for your reccomendations, but I figured it'd be worth adding.Sorry - didn't notice that you both suggested capping the blinds. Capping would be usefull. T
  10. I play in a small regular SNG-style tournament, where I personally find the time/level too low.Currently it's set at 10 hands/level. Due to the speed of the game, this equates to between 15 and 20 minutes per level - at least while we're getting down to around 5 players.Personally I find 10 hands/level insanely low. Pretty much every single game I've participated in ends up with the bubble being an all-in fest, because 2 or 3 people have less than 7 BB left.I do, however, feel that the blind structure is sane and reasonable. I'm not too sure about the 2,000 chips we start with, but that might
  11. Wait ... so you're saying that Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator and to a lesser extent Mel Brooks' Springtime For Hitler/The Producers are to be removed from human history?
  12. Play the low cost SNG's. Seriously.I've managed to almost quintuple $50 through $5 and a few $10 SNG's over the last month. And to be honest, I'm not that good of a player.Currently I'm trying my luck in the $10 SNG's due to my current success. Not worried about moving down though.Try reading Howard Lederer's tips on Sit and Go's - I find it quite usefull.
  13. I realise this isn't what you want to hear, but you point out the one thing that would have avoided the situation:Don't call out of turn.Once his money is past the betting line, it's no longer a matter of "he said, she said" - it's a matter of the surveilance camera's proving that he pushed the money past the betting line.Other than that, the best advice I can read from the previous posts is not to play in casino's that allow you to use cash. As mentioned, if everything is in chips and he owes someone money, the casino would refuse to let him cash out.That being said, I personally believe that
  14. And which cylon would that be? I'm curious, because he doesn't participate in that series.
  15. Sounds to me like you're making the very common mistake of not treating it like an office job.You're spending 3 to 7 hours in a very unnatural position and probably doing very few changes of your position.If you're playing this much, I would assume you can afford to get a good table for your monitor and such - and by good table I mean one that can be raised and lowered whenever you feel like it, preferably by motor.You would probably feel a lot better if you forced yourself into switching from sitting to standing every few hours. If the table is a really good one, it's no problem at all gettin
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