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  1. <----------I hit that_shit already... just like faith...
  2. yeah... you gotta give Olga some love...
  3. you know what they say? once you go black you don't go back
  4. i would hide a wad in my crotch area.
  5. yeah. the yellow frog is still pretty cool.
  6. not the one tattoed on my back.damn I knew they jipped me at the shop.
  7. i think a new design accord is suppose to come out pretty soon (year). I would wait and see what that looks like.
  8. 2paclives

    The Hideout

    you sure it wasn't the flux capacitor
  9. I just served up some of that thug passion, you know 1/2 hennessy, 1/2 crystal, its guaranteed to get the pussy_wet and the dick_hard
  10. I'll be camping out for the movie
  11. 2paclives

    The Hideout

    whatever happend to 10s
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