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  1. i just won a 55 sng and made $125 more than yousucker
  2. true thatbut at least when ppl mention my name, the first thing to pop into mind isnt related to starting a topic that got flamed by 2/3 of the fcp communitybut i am a dork----im sorry, im drunkim sure you're a some sort of good guy that deserves a new shot at life tritzgl
  3. once you post a blind or ante, make a bet, call a raise, etc. that isnt you're money anymorebottom line
  4. bad beat is down the streetand wut casino only charges 10% for a stt?
  5. played about 6 hrs of party 55 sng'sup 600 for the night, and it's not like im catching great cards either. have lost many 4-1 favs. and coinflips and have had qq v. kk, jj v. qq preflop. just cashed all my money outta my royal vegas account (well after blowing 500 sitting at a 10/20 nl table) to play at ppi've also played 4-5 heads up matches, and all but one i've felt that i've outclassed my opponant by a good margin.anyone else here a regular at the 55's?
  6. to avoid bad karma, shoulda just gave the chips back; i doubt the table or floor would have objected.
  7. seems like you're over it now...so can you PLEASE POST SOME HAND HISTORIES for the rest of us to enjoy?
  8. my mom's bday is in a week, and i want to get her a bday present, but she's in china.anyone know of any china based webstores that i can buy off so it get's there in time and i dont have to pay international shipping?thanks
  9. just put down $100 for the a's to win the series~17:1 odds
  10. +1 before it get's locked up
  11. that is not the type of flop to bluff atcoordinatedmany draws3 opponentsjust c/f
  12. how can he not put op on a good ace here?op raises pf, calls a reraise, and just flat calls a pot sized flop betdefinately shoulda c/c'd w/ his fairly well disguised draw
  13. just played my first dozen 6-max 55 sngs on ppthis game is so much easier than royal vegas. the blinds are no issue, and players enjoy folding their way to victory. at 4 tables, i was able to move from 3rd in chips to dominating chip leader w/o showing a hand when it got down to 3 left.i got criticized for raising too much after some guy doubled up off of meafterwards, he said "keep on raising... donk"i had j6 flop is 10 9 8:club: i open pushhe calls w/ 10-4 (called 1/3 of stack preflop mind you)so far, i've been challenged to 3 headsup matches and been called "*****" at least 5 times<
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