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  1. What are the best tournaments to play Sunday night and Monday morning in Reno. Thanks -Matt
  2. Any suggestions are appreciated. I'm here tonight only and would like to play in a no-limit hold em tourney. Buy-in can range from $100 to $500. Thanks
  3. This place doesn't seem so fun anymore. Mod, lock this up.
  4. I took a pretty solid break from poker for a while and since I came back i have noticed what i consider a pretty disturbing trend. I have a consistently higher win rate when I am paying less attention to specific players and their actions. When I am paying less attention to specific players I might be getting more into the flow of the game and just moving along. maybe I am trying to get too fancy against specific players. This is at a 2/4 NL cash game(max buy in of 200). thoughts?
  5. There is a $1060 entry tournament next monday. I went in to purchase an entry today and they have already started selling alternate entries even though they are still running sit-n-go satellites. Is it fair to run satellites for guaranteed seats when they are only selling alternates?should I complain?
  6. In the previous episode there was a hand where Jamie Gold bluffed and both Daniel and Jennifer "knew" he was bluffing after Jamie did/said something. Does anyone know what it was that he did?
  7. won 9k (took down a $225 B&M weekly tournament), i also won a 19k diamond royal flush jackpot when i was 18. haven't looked back sinceloss. not sure...probably around 2k.as for Blackjack up 5k and down 5k in the same weekend
  8. I don't get it either but I have seen on World of Warcraft that people are willing to pay real money for fake money in the game. and then use the fake money in the game to buy fake stuff in the game. There is actually an industry of people who sit around earning fake gold to sell to real people for real money.
  9. just curious why you don't want to post your code?
  10. i'm not a fan either but its simple and it works.
  11. I assure you that is not the case. If you look through the first half of code i have @deck and i reset it for each deal and then remove the cards as they are used. the code itself is fairly straightforward without anything fancy and complicated to understand@deck[] is the deck. I set @deck[0] = 1@deck[1] = 1...@deck[51] = 1giving us 52 cards.then i deal out 20 hole cards as player 1 = down1a, down2aplayer 2 = down2a, down3a...player 10 = down10a, down10ball the while i am dealing i am recording which cards i use with @deck[$number] = 0. then when i deal the next card i check to see if its
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