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  1. Shove. You get him to fold everything but a str8, which is an unlikely holding cause u have 2 10s. Plus you fold out hands like AJ Kj, and even some weakish Qs. imo its shove>fold>call.
  2. check turn imo. two calls on a paired board wud scare me. I don't think you get alot of value out of a 10 fwiw either. With position, makes river play easier.
  3. I doubt he's folding QJ J10, KJ or AJ, not to mention 99, 88. 55, or 76. call>fold>raise imo
  4. pretty good play here. Missed value on the AK hand, where IMO you should be betting 3 streets for value. He's a station remember.
  5. stop reading strat from the 1970s. While no one in todays games would make this statement, an interesting case could be AK or QQ/JJ etc.
  6. from? if you raise, you're gonna get shoved in on by semi-bluffs, or hands that beat us, and rarely get worse hands to call. If you flat, you give your self the chance to draw out when behind and let the player continue betting the worst of it. I think there is little value in raising here with 2nd pair.
  7. call and evaluate river. Probably calling a reasonable sized bet.I think its more likely you have him here, but theres no sense in raising.
  8. seems solid, but callin the river might be -ev.
  9. hand 1, I bet all 3 streets. If you get a river raise...well thats a tough spothand 2, Im 3 betting/gettin it in on the flop most of the time. With the gin turn card, it should be c/c, and probably donk the river depending on what it is.
  10. hate the call pf. this is -ev. I wouldnt even 3 bet this, and I have a wide 3 betting range.
  11. its not standard. nothing in CTS' game is standard. Alot of what he does has to do with table dynamics, gameflow and metagame. He's playing his opponents view of him more then the cards. Something that can only be done against a thinking opponent. Dont get it twisted
  12. Against a guy like this....I feel its 0ev if you felt this. Just seems like hes a loose passive donk who plays too many hands......cuz against most competent players, that cold call of a large 3 bet wud scare the shit out of me, and i wud gladly c/f flop.
  13. I dont think you ever get raised on the river by worse. Again, just a terrible spot to bluff, and you're only beating something like j9.And why didnt you bet the turn?(jw)
  14. I don't love your pf call. I think at 2/4, its a 3bet or fold. Anyways looks like he flopped a set of 8s or 4s and ure beat. Not a great spot to bluff imo..but then it makes it a great spot to bluff at the same time
  15. If you raise the turn, and get shoved on...do you fold?
  16. If you wanted a serious post, I'll try here. A) play within your meansB) play 6max, and **** fullringC) Play aggressively. Your stats should be around 22/19 ish, but generally you shouldn't be calling or limping. The toughest pots are when you limp, or its limped.D) identify weak players, and isolate them as much as possible. Usually they will play straightforward postflop, and its hard to hit, so you will make a ton of money from these gyysE) Don't play OOP if you can. It's better to 3 bet 98 from the BB from a CO/BTN raiser, then it is to call. F) pound the **** out of your button, position
  17. ummm, stop trying to play MTTs and expect to win a bunch. More players, more variance, more swings, bigger bankroll.My suggestion is, play 9max Sngs, 6.50s to start with and go from there. Turbo of course, unless you wanna actually player postflop....but who wants to do that. You could even play some 18mans, or 45mans at that level. The comp is weak, and you have a decent sized roll. If you wanna go for broke ( cuz its obv more fun that way), play 16 9max turbos, and play a general strat of super tight for the first 4 rounds, and looser as it goes on (not 2-7 loose), and playing a robotic pus
  18. postflop poker with villian holdin 10bbs? ummm ok.
  19. considering we get shoved into by hands we dominate, and that we are racing against, it would be foolish for a raise/ fold here. equity win tie pots won pots tied Hand 0: 57.434% 57.05% 00.38% 2162760396 14576724.00 { 88 }Hand 1: 42.566% 42.18% 00.38% 1599127212 14576724.00 { 22+, A2s+, K9s+, Q9s+, J9s+, T9s, A2o+, KTo+, QTo+, JTo }here's an extremely wide range of hands that described villian might shove. raise fold sucks, and im sticking by that. shoving pf is the best tho
  20. how do u not raise this preflop. like honestly its the easiest raise in this spot. tho the c/r comes off as strong, it kinda looks like your stealing here, esp being the button.
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