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  1. O&A are fading fast all over the country. They cant stand up against Howard Stern and they havent been number 1 in a lot markets, especially New York where a Spanish show is #1. The only thing they have going for them is a small group of loudmouth fans like the topic creator.
  2. It's a whole combination of things that weekend. There's of course the holiday, although it really isnt much of a holiday. Then the Rolling Stones are in town. On top of that, there's a huge sports convention in town. Sure enough, I setup my trip to go in November because last November was full of cheap deals, and I chose the one damn week when it's freakin busy.
  3. I have to say, I love reading Tony G's blog simply because as much of a nice guy he is away from the tables(and overall, people say he's a nice guy) he's so crazy competitive and it shows in his blog. Almost everytime he talks about his poker playing, it's a lot about how he knocked out this person and that person.
  4. I thought it was great with Lisandro because Lisandro has been around. He's not someone that just plays online and some casinos, he's been around the world and played in a variety of places. Not just with poker pros but criminals and organized crime members over in Europe. Personally, I dont blame him for going off the way he did and I'm sure playing where he's played, there's a sense of pride that you have for being a legit poker pro. I think Friedman, was truthfully concerned at first. But the guy either has a bit of disorder(OCD, some weird ADD or something along the lines of Seinfeld-
  5. In a situation like this, the dealer was out of line. Almost every casino I know of has the rule of the "one person a hand" and the dealer just broke that rule. Simple as that.
  6. Say what you will, but being a successful poker pro requires a lot of gamble and a lot of aggression. Granted, for some people, it's a very quiet aggression while others are loudmouths but they both have it. You need that aggression to get everyone else's chips. It's not just friendly competition for pros, it's money and it's their livelihood. While it may seem petty, it's all a part of that aggression.
  7. I've been having some reading dealer blogs at work, mainly http://table-tango.pokerworks.com/ and it's kind of suprising yet not suprising that there are these shmucks who blame the dealer for losing. I mean yes, when a dealer screws up and you lose money, hey that's a time to be upset(although I have been on the beneficiary side of a dealer screwup ) but man the stories are just crazy. What kind of idiot blames the dealers for them losing? I just dont get it, maybe it's because I realize that I'm the shmuck that lost. What's funny is that on that table tango blog, the dealer that does t
  8. Here's what I'm wondering. Who's paying for the props? Is this something that everyone pays up to whoever is highest on the props or what?
  9. If a casino doesnt have to serve food, neither do you. Seriously, just have some drinks(beer, soda, water) and if anything, some chips. BTW, I'm in San Antonio too(no I'm not Lee) and I have a strange feeling that if you've had a good amount of people play at your place, I may know a couple.
  10. Just thought of another thing that annoyed me now when I watch the movie. If you keep reraising a pro and then go all, and he folds, seriously you're not that special. All pros have folded to amateurs when they've been reraised multiple times in their lifetime.
  11. I thought you were talking about that one annoying lady who won that pot from Raymer."I'M ALLLLLLLLL INNNNNNNNNN!!""I MADE A STRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIGHT""A STRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIGHT""TWO HEARTS"What an annoying *****.
  12. LOL I remember the casino in DW4. It was all about getting that Metal Babble sword(or was it armor?). My big complaint about Rounders that I just realized, and it literally makes me throw up in my mouth everytime I see it, who the hell calls "time" when they're making a decision?? I knew it was dumb when I first saw it and now when I see it, I know it's even more dumb.
  13. For me, Rounders was the first true great poker movie for me. Prior to that, Maverick was good but Rounders was just so much better. And it's funny, I remember watching it in theatres and getting it on DVD as soon as it came out, and this movie was not that popular. To me, a movie with two great actors like Damon and Norton, how can you not like the movie?
  14. For me, it's about how much I win. If I steal the blinds, I'm not going to tip and I dont see a problem with that.Now it's funny how you mentioned that we should tip the dealer for running the game smoothly. One of my largest tips was when a dealer screwed up. I had KQ, there was J-9-x on the board. On the turn was an 8 and then for some reason, the dealer immediately burn and turned the river. We all in unison say "Whoa!" and he flipped over another 9. Floor was called over and said the 9 would be put back into the deck and the deck would be shuffled. The first thing on my my mind was
  15. Something I have always wondered. Was **** Van Patten a poker enthusiasts that was brought into the WSOP shows to add a celebrity to the show, a la Gabe Kaplan?
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