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  1. If he publicly tells the "tells" he has on them, then they could fix it or use it to there advantage. Don't think he's going to say publicly. "Don't kill the goose that lays golden eggs"
  2. Got the same email. Let us know about the cash pickup. I think i'll wait a day or two before doing the cash pickup
  3. Ok FT had problems with withdraws, they put every ones $$$ back into their account, gave a $100 bonus plus an extra $100 into the account and said its ok to withdraw again. So its been 3 weeks and still no check Has anyone recieved a check from them yet????
  4. From 4 Indiana Guys to Another and Another and Another.......GLGLGLGLGLGL
  5. Just got $100.00 bonus from FTP due to the check delay. 28 days to clear at .06 per point releasing at $20.00 units.
  6. 3 days and no reply to my email as well no check and 3 weeks since my withdraw
  7. Check your history, they took money from my account saying that there was a problem with my echeck, then redeposited it a couple days later saying that ot was a mistake.
  8. I just recived a email from my Firepay account showing a deposite from my checking account to Firepay for $10.00. I didn't do this, being in the US and have no reason to put money on there. So I go to close both Firepay and Neteller accounts and there is nothing on the site on how to close your account. I emailed both and so far no responce. The phone number on Neteller gives a recording saying we cannot accept phone calls at this time. So is email the only way to close the accounts?
  9. My shirts all have the Donkey on them,Busted Chris Ferguson, Chip Jett, and Richard Brodie
  10. The Visa Gift-2-Go at Walgreens still work as well. If it is declined just try it the next day or the day after it will go through, they just have to keep changing the name that their accepting the money from.
  11. Walgreens "gift to go" pre paid Visa works as well
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