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  1. Bax over Townsend is one I definitely have to consider. Maybe Helmuth over Ivey-Helmuth seems to be more zoned in in the main event, but that might just be the way ESPN edits it.
  2. These just went up yesterday, thought it would create an interesting discussion. Wondering if anyone sees anything they like/love? I was thinking Rousso over Tilly, but at -140 maybe not. 1 Phil Ivey -150 2 Phil Helmuth +110 * Game Note: @ 3 Doyle Brunson +115 4 Patrik Antonius -155 * Game Note: @ Thu 7/3 5 Doyle Brunson +120 12:00PM (EST) 6 Todd Brunson -160 * Game Note: @ Thu 7/3 7 Daniel Negreanu -125 12:00PM (EST) 8 Mike Matusow -115 * Game Note: @ Thu 7/3 9 Barry Greenstein -135 12:00PM (EST) 10 Joe Sebok -105
  3. I don't want the stake, so someone else can use the answer for mine...I think its right, not positive about Chappell though...he did have a son who was terrible for Wisconsin so maybe they took his jersey down.
  4. retired jerseys: Len Chappell, Tim Duncan, Dickie Hemric
  5. the 2700 FPP and 5400 FPP Sats to the Sunday Million are pretty good...I'd play these on Stars. On FTP, there are a bunch of sats for points, but you have to play the tourney if you win. On stars, you can just unreguster and sell the t$ for close to even money.
  6. Very Nice Cash Gib...a 1st at a big tourney is in the near future, I can feel it.
  7. wow, they got back to me and assured me that if I began my exclusion now I'd be given the money back into my account...props to FTP support! Thanks for the help guys, see you all in 7 days when I'm caught up on my studies.
  8. Exactly My Worry...are they as reasonable as Pokerstars support at least...cuz if so I'm sure they'd come up with a reasonable solution.
  9. emailed them and put urgent in title line...however the tourney starts in 30 minutes and I have a previous commitment...if it comes down to it, do I just unregister, explain the situation to them and hope for the best (the last spot out of the seats was like $70 I think, so I'd hope they'd at least give me that or something similar)?
  10. and yes I spelled exclusion wrong...panic has set in.
  11. I am taking a self imposed one week break, but I satelitted into a $163 tounrey on FTP tonight-do I get the money back if I start my exclusion now, or not (it says you do if you bought into it-is this the same as satelitting in?). Thanks.
  12. 21 players left, average stack is ~13500 and I'm on the button with $14000, blinds are 1000-2000 with a 200 ante, so pretty much everyone has a low M. top 18 spots pay, but the big money is at the FT. UTG is the chip leader with 49,000 and this is the 3rd hand out of 4 he has raised preflop.Hero Dealt As JcVillain: raises 6000 to 80003 foldsHero ?SB and BB are medium stacks and have played relatively tight since I've been with them at this table.I know he's not folding to a push due to my stack size and I can pretty much cruise to a cash if I want to, but I also feel like he has a wide raisi
  13. I like the Shootouts to the Sunday Mill better too...also, the $5 rebuy to the $55 seat (Nightly 50 Grand Maybe?) R a little better beucause there are more seats per entry, thereby the late play doesn't get as crazy-still crazy, but not as crazy.
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