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  1. Banks have to report when amounts greater than 9k hit your account. Do it in two withdrawals separated by at least a week and the bank will not be required to report it to the government. Still might be seen, though...
  2. Sigh - this one for a 30k stack.PokerStars Game #26762070045: Tournament #150907854, $10+$1 Hold'em No Limit - Level VIII (150/300) - 2009/04/05 16:53:20 ETTable '150907854 1157' 9-max Seat #8 is the buttonSeat 1: nmgn ace (22025 in chips) Seat 2: Crocky_Doyle (8495 in chips) Seat 3: jfrm14 (21342 in chips) Seat 4: willqwerty (4790 in chips) Seat 5: calvin_ss4 (2200 in chips) Seat 6: galideo (6340 in chips) Seat 7: Doug2225 (8540 in chips) Seat 8: KYSlim05 (22340 in chips) Seat 9: gagi66 (5070 in chips) nmgn ace: posts the ante 25Crocky_Doyle: posts the ante 25jfrm14: posts the ante 25willqwer
  3. I can't remember either...Feeling good in the 1/4 mil though...
  4. 5/1107 for $8,303 in the nightly 100k on Stars.1/2088 for $4,385 in an $11 buy in on Stars (I think I may have chopped this one but can't remember).Both of these happened in 2007...
  5. Dude I know for a fact that you won a $20 180 and a $11 6-max
  6. Use them. All of them. Seriously, who you know is a billion times more important than what you know or your degree. One of the most successful guys (in the business world) that I graduated with has a poli sci degree and never even took a business class.Specific degrees can sometimes get you jobs (ie accounting), but right now, even that's not easy - my firm has laid many people off and more are expected. It's just a terrible time to be entering the work force. IMO it's not even a good time to be entering the work force with a finance degree. Just bad times all around...
  7. Big 4 auditor. Not fun. No sleep til April for this guy...
  8. 9 June 3, noon Six-handed no-limit hold 'em (three-day event) $1,500 TBA 11 June 4, noon No-limit hold 'em (three-day event) $2,000 TBA 14 June 5, 5 p.m. Six-handed limit hold 'em (three-day event) $2,500 TBA 16 June 6, 5 p.m. Seven-card stud (three day-event) $1,500 TBA I'm looking at playing 1-2 of these - most just likely 16 (but maybe 1 more if I can satty in). I know FTP ran satty's for $1500 tournament chips, so I plan on playing some of those here starting next month.I think I would be at a disadvantage in the NLHE events, but I feel like I could def compete in the 7-stud $1500 even
  9. No bad beat here. Anyone else think her play was bad? A-10 against an unknown 3 better is not super strong, especially when you don't know what the guy can fold. I know alot of this is read based, but how much of a read can you get in one hand? Clearly not a good one, b/c I think his 3-bet was for value.Edit: She also says she was shoving for value, but that can't be true. She expected 5-5 to fold here, which means she expected any hands that A-10 beats to fold, which means she could be shoving ATC, making her A-10 somewhat irrelevant.
  10. FAR and REG are the toughest...AINEC. BEC will be a breeze. No sims!Lots of CPAs (or future CPAs) on the forum.Don't go into public...trust me...
  11. My favorite pick tonight is Gani Lawal to score more than Jon Scheyer. Lawal averages 2 more PPG, has been hot lately, and Dook doesn't have a strong front court, so I think he could have a big game. I don't really recall Scheyer putting up big points on real opponents during his career.I think I'm going to stick mostly to NBA and college games. Agree that picking winners is usually best, but I don't like any of the games tonight.I was tempted to pick Portland, but HATE taking road teams, even if the 76ers are banged up. Also don't know why the public is all over the under bet in the GS/Sac ga
  12. Bulls IMO.But give me Boomer Sooner. Also, gonna stop betting soccer...
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