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  1. First reply to this thread (but obviously seen it and too ashamed to comment as what I did was unarguable)Well first to admit I truly screwed up this one, as I borrowed $1k online from bundys before going to Vegas to save me depositing and went broke in Vegas and could only ship back $500. Then didn't handle the exchanges very well because of obvious reasons going on during that time.I did say that I would pay him back as soon as I got out of real life debt, which after 18 months I managed to do this month which is a weight off my mind.Again sorry if this left you short and didn't mean to have
  2. you would never announce it.. reminds me of when i made it like 350$ at 2/4 otb with 67hh by accident or something like that and the bb woke up with AA. Running hearts never felt so good.
  3. that defo needs more love (if you seen the film).http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=TK94rf7WhLk if u havn't lol.
  4. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee have a great day!Congrats
  5. Meh depends what level your playing. Honestly its 100% worth it imo, and has won me many many many x the cost of it for 6 months. But unless (I'm guessing) your playing 300+ at the 20$ buy in level or more the information you get is already pretty obviously. Nearly everybody is shockingly bad.But as you go higher $50+ it does pay to know who is good and who isn't. Yes you see the same regulars often, but it is nice to see who is making 1% roi, who is taking a shot and who is actually a solid player over a large sample. Plus the graphs you see and amusement factor from those is pretty much wort
  6. Yo Scott,Ill be flying in on the 20th in the afternoon... pllllllease come and say hi! Its special celebrationary birthday drinks/dinner/pokah trip.Can't wait :)That MGM game is calling you again.EDIT: totally stoked found out the killers are playing at mandalay bay on the 20th B)
  7. Yeh, I was pretty much the first UK student. Don't let distance stop you doing this awsome class (although I will say i visit the states quite a bit anyways so it is nice to meet people etc.). Would definatly recommend it to anybody who wishes to commit to it It helped me a ton and steve's a top guy. Sam
  8. noted.(seriously is this a question?) :Sedit: but honestly obv nobody woudl. but where do u draw the line. would u work? buy things? care about what car you drove?
  9. hu4rolz then between the dude above and u please troymac. if u can leave a 10$nl table with $400+ then i would also call u the flip master
  10. -250$ via flips. so rigged imo. could be worse. could be bigbrennan. lol. gg.that is all.
  11. lol in fairness the exchange rate has been going better towards americans than us brits visitng the usa. Only like 2-3 months ago i could get nearly 2$ per £1...To be honest though i want the $ to increase in value against the £ as then u win more monies :)Sorry to hear you lost your job I kinda quit mine too, come down and I'll buy you a pint (or three) to commiserate. They may even run some good cash games!.. there is a first for everything.Yeh those are all the events, only 4 I think this year. Although that is an improvement on last year. Fingers crossed it won't be sold out as they are c
  12. Yo,Well the World Series of Pokah Europe starts tomorrow, any fcp'ers going to be playing any of the prelims or the main event? I know 'bigbrennan' personal friend IRL will be playing the $3k prelim day 1b on Saturday. And its pretty likely I will be joining him for that one. Gonna be first WSOP events so pretty stoked.Below is the Event list: Fri, Sep 19th1:00 PM4-Day Event No-Limit Hold'em (Event 1) No Rebuy/Add-onsStructure Sheet £1,500+ £75 Mon, Sep 22nd2:00 PM3-Day Event H.O.R.S.E. (Event 2) No Rebuy/Add-onsStructure Sheet £2,500+ £150 Wed, Sep 24th3:00 PM3-Day Event
  13. Played a whopping 300 sigh, so I'm like 100 behind what I should be but o well.Overal SNG profit + $2500 (excluding mtt's pwnage but including rb)So on target for the $ win, just gonna be about 25% away from volume target as it stands.
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