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  1. your the best ever Daniel don't listen to these haters
  2. It's funny that everyone is talking about 4BB as a place for strategy when it's actually just a place where people make fun of Kurt and Gallo
  3. im here. Im the kid in the white hat playing the 1k at borgata tomorrow.-vtlaxer on tremomey's comp
  4. Here are my notable hands from yesterday. Started day with 45k. Won 6 out of first 10 hands without showdown, mostly just taking the blinds to get up to around 55k. Blinds are 250/500/50. Asian guy one to my right makes it 2200, I call with 99 otb, bb calls. Flop Q95dd ch to me I bet 4250, BB makes it 11.5 I put him in for 20 more he has 55. I win. First set I've flopped all tourney and it happened to be set over set.. nice.. so I'm up to around 88k.Raise K9o otb Philip Tom calls in SB. Flop K43dd he ch i ch turn Qo he bets 2200 i call river 2d he ch/ timebank calls 4300 with 34o. Raise two hands in a row and win the blinds once and cbet a 10 high flop w KJ in second one ftw. Very next hand good online player to my direct right raises utg to 1200, Next to act I make it 4200 with red kings, two folds and this asian guy in the ten seat who hasn't voluntarily put a chip in the pot in the first hour and fifty minutes makes it 10k total with 25k or so behind. Folds back to me and I decide to fold.. at the end of the day he told me he had aces. 300/600/75First hand back from break a lot of the table is still missing. I raise the effective CO to 1650 w AQdd, button is pokerstars qualifier seems pretty competent so far, he makes it 4650. I call flop comes KJ10 all hearts. I ch he ch. Turn 5h I check he bets 7k I call river blank I ch, he timebanks for a while and I decide I'm snapping a river bet but he ch behind and I'm good. Make it 1650 in MP with AsJx, BB calls. Flop comes J93ss he ch i ch turn 8o he bets 2.5k I call river 8x he bets 5.3k I call and beat his 95o. Next hand make it 1650 with red kings again and same asian guy who hasn't put a chip in the pot again since he 4bet to 10k, makes it 3650. LOL. I call flop comes J84cc I ch call 4250, turn 4o i ch he ch river 6o I bet 6.5k he calls and mucks. 108k at dinner break. 400/800/100I raise A8dd and 57ss from MP and EP and take the blinds in back to back hands then very next hand I pick up AA for first time all tournament. Make it 2200 UTG, Brazilian kid on my direct left makes it 6.2k.. folds back to me. He had 3b me twice already in about an hour at the table and I really felt like he had a big hand so I decided to just shove after about 25 seconds. He had 35k or so behind and snap called w KK and I held. 25 minutes or so left in level, asian guy to my right has been running hot all day and playing decently but I've picked up some bet sizing tells on him. I have 135k to start the hand and he has me covered by a bit. He makes it 3.1k otb I defend 56hh. Flop comes 8c5c2h I ch he bets 3.1k I call. Turn Qh I ch he bets 10k quickly and I call planning to call planning to call all non club rivers. River is 4o. I ch he quickly bets 15k and I quickly call. He says good call and turns up Kxcc I turn up my 67hh.. wait WTF I have 67hh not 56hh holadfasdufasefasuidfjsidafjlajeifj. I've never done that in my life. The table laughs at me but luckily they don't call the floor over to penalize me for my stupidity. Thank god the river wasn't an offsuit 2 or something I would have tilted so badly if I lost a 60k pot calling the river with 7 high. 157.1k going to last level of the night.500/1000Italian guy comes to the table with about 170k. He plays a monster pot with the asian guy on my right. Italian guy raises to 2.5k otb, asian guy makes it 11k in BB, IG calls. Flop 1064ss AG bets 20k , IG calls turn 6 AG bets 25k IG calls river 10. AG checks, IG waits like 3 seconds and then strongly says ALL IN. AG looks at him for like 2 secs and points and says I CALL. This was around a 300k pot. IG had QJss and AG had KK ftw. Italian guy still has like 30k left. I raise MP to 2.6k w KJo he calls in BB. Flop K66ss he ch calls 4200 turn 4o he ch I shove him in for his last 20k. He looks around, throws the chips in and starts to walk away even before I turn my hand over LOOLOOOLOL. He has 88 and goes home. I chipped up a bit more with small pots to end the night at 207k.
  5. Nice TR buddy.. however I would like to mention that I actually didn't lose CCR the morning we had breakfast at Grand Lux.. Mr. Dog paid for that one.
  6. Well every game plays bigger when you play in it and try to checkraise bluff all in on the river every hand duh
  7. Trevor finished 6th for $12,180...he thanks you all for your support
  8. I'm at table 75 seat 7.Chris, I'll shoot you some text messages throughout the day to let you know how things are going
  9. Event 1 will likely get a ridiculous turnout so I'm playing that..might play a 500 or 1k but not sure yet
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