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  1. I don't really have an opinion wheter he's guilty or not, but from what I've read here I think it's warranted to point out that:many people have been falsely accused of this crime, one example is from norway something like ten years ago when a man working at a kindergarden was accused with almost every child in the town as a witness of him raping children. He later turned out to be completely innocent. This phenomnen happens because sometimes adaults such as parents and psycholigist can acutally make a child believe they have experienced things that just aren't real. This is also related to th
  2. In one of Daniel's latest blogs, he writes about a poker-weekend-course he just hosted. He wrote that he revealed a few secrets about why, for example, he always seems to make the right decisions against Sam Farha and similar stuff. I, for one, would love to hear those stories on PokerVT! It would be totally awesome! How about it?
  3. If he didnt attend church i guess he is a good chocie. Why would you want a religious president?
  4. Part of this discussion from the beginning was about public hate for paris hilton. though i personally don't like him, I can see why people like Bush. But paris is just a "stupid, spoiled whore" and a really bad image for the kids, right? I can't see anyone disagree with that? except the original poster perhaps...
  5. this blog was just hilarious. if you get offended by this.. your life can`t have many laughs
  6. I guess that many people in this forum, like myself, are very interested in Daniel's comments and don't want to miss anything, yet not go through every thread every day. I am a member of a band forum where the forum-members post a link in a certain 'sticky' thread whenever a band-member has posted on the forum. Wouldn't it be nice with a similar thread here where we post a link to Daniel's comments as soon as he writes?
  7. from cardplayer:"Vanessa Rousso Makes an Early MoveOn the second hand of action on Day 3, Vanessa Rousso raises to $8,000. David Singer, directly to her left, moves all in for $120,000 total. Vanessa calls instantly with pocket aces. Singer flips over pocket nines. The flop comes A23, putting Singer way behind. The turn is the 4, giving Singer chop outs, but the river is the 8 and Rousso knockes out Singer and increases her stack to over $418,000."Isn`t this just horrible play by someone supposed to be good at poker? or am I wrong?
  8. I really hope you bought the Brittish version of The Office, otherwise I strongly recommend you to that instead, or at least, also.For example, the way Ricky Gervais plays his role is "half the joy" (or agony) and since I assume there arèn`t much language difficulties for you there aren`t many good reasons too watch the American version. (and I assume you can afford the switch even if you got the wrong one;)I promise, it`s a good advice!// Robert
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