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  1. I suppose he could be playing any 9hxh hand but i don't think we can give him credit for A9o. What makes me think this, is the way he decided to play the turn. Before you raised on the turn, the line of play he chose was check/call. Even if he thought there was a chance that he was already beaten by the button....I wouldn't think he'd be too happy about you sticking around after the 8h hit as it adds alot more river cards that he does not want to see with 3 players still in the hand with a limped pot. I think a check raise on his part would be the way to go on the turn as the hand had pl
  2. I'm a ring game player, trying to improve at short handed play....so take my post with a grain of salt if you wish.I think every street was played quite well. In hindsight, you probably could have gone ahead and capped the flop, seeing as how he wasn't letting up one bit on the turn....but there was no guarentee of that and i prefer the way you played it as you got both players to stick in 4 bets on the turn.I'm really having trouble giving either player a range that im confident with. However, seeing how UTG slowed down drastically but is now willing to call anything on the turn...makes me
  3. I just thought of one more question. Could I download UB and set up my account on another computer in order to get the rakeback going and then come home and download UB and still have everything work correctly?
  4. I was trying to download UB through rakerebate and on their site they recommend the use of internet explorer to get the link or else the process might not work. However, I haven't used IE in quite some time and for some reason i can't get it to work at all, and if i click on the download prompt that appears while using firefox then it says "425 failed to establish connection."My question is, will the rake track if i click on another download option other than the immediate prompt and have any of you had your rakeback work without using IE like they suggest?
  5. I was not aware of this fact. I guess i'll be making a new account
  6. Now see what you did...you got my hopes up for nothing.
  7. Let me know, It still frustrates the hell out of me wondering what is happening to all that rakeback. I probably should just open a new account and start over but so far, i've been hanging on.Either way, keep us informed.
  8. Imo, defending the 35s in the first place was a mistake but I'm quite opinionated when it comes to blind defense. While it is suited, it is still a one gapper and one of the lowest ones at that. We can leave hands like this out of the mix and still defend our BB with a fair enough percentage that repeated stealing against us is unproifitable.If you feel comfortable defending with those cards then that is up to you. As long as you defend a fair percentage of the time and throw in the occasional 3 bet against a steal then you should be in good shape and no one likes to see their steal attempt
  9. PF: playing AJ, suited or not, UTG is fine but as stated i would have raised. Depending on the table however...i don't believe it is mandatory that you come in for a raise with the unsuited variety.Flop: Looks goodTurn: Good as well."what if i get raised?" If you get raised on the turn with this fairly dry board after you 3 bet the flop, then you are probably in trouble and i would just try to get to SD with your hand. You would either be against the same hand as yours, a set, or possibly someone that limped with Ah7h, which would be the only hand you were ahead of.River: Unless your oppo
  10. Yea, last year was fairly dissapointing (although you might have enjoyed it since Schumacher did so poorly) especially after i got tickets to the Indy farce. This year seems pretty interesting though, especially with new qualy format.
  11. I would say you are accurate with a 100+ hand sample. You do raise an interesting point with the cold deck situation however.No matter what their stats say, if they are steaming from a big hit they just took....i don't think i'm laying down AK PF when they could just be going crazy with a much weaker hand than they normally play.
  12. We are missing a couple of key points here. 1) it is a B&M 3/6 game, which means that the players are terrible and i definately don't mind playing JTo from the button in this game.2) since it is B&M 3/6, most players are quite passive and a single raise on the flop will usually give you instant control over the hand. At this point, you will have raised with what may likely be the best hand and if it's not...they will check to you on the turn a fair majority of the time and you can decide on your course of action from there.
  13. I'm not sure exactly where you would put a cutoff. VPIP isn't quite as important as PFR as i play with a gentlemen quite often who has a VPIP of ~30% but his PFR is only 3% and i give his raises respect above all others. I guess what we'd have to figure out is a guideline for pre flop raise percentage and a corresponding number of hands.I believe the gentlemen with the 3% PFR has only raised with AA or KK.In the situation you described i think if both players even showed a PFR% of 7/6 then it might be borderline. That statement however is just a guess and i think we'd need players of varyin
  14. I'll have to agree with ker.....umm, normally i like the shortbreads but something bothers me about standing on the same side of the line as kers2.Thin mints it is!
  15. I suppose i could have put "from" in the middle of that statement to avoid comments like that...but then you would be completely useless Hobbes
  16. Anyone else watch this or am i the only one who enjoys staying up til 3am to watch them race halfway around the world?
  17. The real question is....How does redpill manage to get these pictures of 13 year old girls at slumber parties?
  18. I don't mind it at all. You notice a juicy game that is only 2 notches above where you have been currently playing and winning; so you take a shot. Nothing wrong with that. As long as you don't make a habit of it...as you are underfunded for the game atm. I'd set a lower than normal single session loss limit of say 20BBs. I'd also quit instantly if at any time you didn't feel sharp or aware.
  19. I was finishing up my games the other day and watched cole and juanda play heads up 25/50 NL and juanda seems to get along with cole quite well and was giving him a few pointers. Juanda said he had "good instinct."I watched a 25/50NL ring game for about 20 mins last night and saw one ugly play by cole but he was up quite a bit at the time. EP raise to 225, cole reraises to 700, gets a caller, someone moves AI for ~8k and it folds back to cole who calls with AQo. Other guy shows KK.Either way, he has made a ton more money at poker than i have so...he wins, and i'll shut up
  20. Underrated movies:Big Trouble in Little China (The movie is brilliance personified...it takes you by the hand and shows you what life is like for a truck driver with no shipments to move)The Pest......John Leguizamo, need i say more???Surf Ninjas (ninjas with sea legs!!! What will they come up with next? Turtle ninjas...i think not!)In too Deep (seriously, its good. No it's not a porn)Raising Arizona (classic)Underrated gambling movies:Pool Hall Junkies (good stuff! You will go dump some money right after you watch it...guaranteed)
  21. I decided not to raise in this spot as i was going to let UTG lead and i was going to C/R the flop...however this was probably incorrect especially since another player came along inbetween us.As far as UTG's range, i had seen him limp EP with KQo/KQs so for him to 3 bet my C/R he had to have AK or AA or 99.The real point i was trying to draw from this hand was knowing you share someone else's hand and getting alot of action from a 3rd party....how far do you take it? THEORETICAL HAND!!!Pre-FlopUTG (super rock) open raises with a tiny range of AA-QQ AKs/AKo AQsButton(very loose and passive PF
  22. It was hard to fold preflop because MP3 was limping with everything...i saw a couple 97o's a 35s and also good hands as stated. Seeing all this strange play made last night's session a hard one on me. I believe i tried to change my play to match the table's...to a point that had me outside my own game and i ended up having to quit based on the -30bbs/session rule. My normal stats run a 18%/10%/2.4 and i know i was playing way more hands than that and limping alot more, puttin myself in murky waters far too often.Anyway, in this particular hand the BB showed 22 and MP3 showed AK and i was m
  23. Full Tilt PokerLimit Holdem Ring gameLimit: $3/$67 playersConverterPre-flop: (7 players) Hero is BB with UTG raises, 3 folds, Button calls, SB folds, Hero calls.Flop: (6.5SB, 3 players)Hero checks, UTG bets, Button calls, Hero raises, UTG 3-bets, Button Caps, Hero...Upon UTG's 3 bet..i was 100% sure he had AK and was quite upset that he decided to reraise to get rid of the button as it was the only money we would make off the hand. Then the button caps it!As far as the buttons range...the only hand that crossed my mind was 99, i suppose a smooth called AA is possible, but unlikely and it wou
  24. Full Tilt PokerLimit Holdem Ring gameLimit: $3/$69 playersConverterPre-flop: (9 players) Hero is Button with 4 folds, MP3 calls, CO folds, Hero calls, SB calls, BB checks.Flop: :D (4SB, 4 players)SB checks, BB bets, MP3 calls, Hero raises, SB folds, BB 3-bets, MP3 calls, Hero Caps, BB calls, MP3 calls.Turn: (8BB, 3 players)BB checks, MP3 checks, Hero bets, BB calls, MP3 raises, Hero calls, BB calls.River: (14BB, 3 players)BB bets, MP3 raises, Hero folds, BB 3-bets, MP3 calls.Results:Final pot: 20BBI feel like it could have been played better/differently but i'm not sure exactly where. Sugg
  25. A friend of mine rented Must Love Dogs and I actually enjoyed it. However, this could stem from the fact that the last movie she picked out was some Cameron Diaz movie "In Her Shoes" or something like that....and that was absolutely horrid.
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