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  1. My Neteller is linked to my real bank account, the one that I use all the time. I never make deposits with it, only transfer money from Neteller to my bank account. That is part of the reason that I am so worried about this. That account is now closed, but I have really enjoyed the ease of use of Neteller and the lack of any fees or hassles when moving my money around between sites. This is really a shame and really a setback for online poker. It just gives more ammo for those that are looking to shut the whole thing down in the US. Very sad.Johnbtn
  2. Thanks, I use Neteller for every site I play at . Even though this has not affected me personally so far, I feel like others should show some interest and make sure that the problem is resolved.For those of you who have had this happened to you please let the rest of us know how it turns out.Johnbtn
  3. Did you just call and cancel the account and cash out to your bank account? This type of thing makes me very nervous given the amount of money that is at stake. Just wondering if that post was real or needed an SW?
  4. I encourage the rest of you to let Neteller know that this is a serious issue that the players will not tolerate, regardless of whether or not you have been affected. This is the email that I sent to them. I have not had any irregular activity on my account but this is still very important to the future of online gaming and I intend to treat it as such.I have yet to experience the fraud that many are reporting having used your accounts, particularly in conjunction with 24hr poker, but should this problem not be resolved completely with those who have been affected I will discontinue all busi
  5. I don't see any of this is it still going on?
  6. Is there anywhere that these can be downloaded after they are finished? The "high speed" internet at my apartment complex sucks. The speed test that LATB says you need at least 300 on to view, I'm getting 217.If I could download them instead of streaming them I think it would work fine, but with streaming it is really choppy and cuts out.Thanks
  7. good game, tough to come in second but its still a great cash
  8. Keep pushing for first. Don't settle now.
  9. I'm railing, I don't have any money at stars right now so I can't chat, but nice pot with those 7s.
  10. Yeah, I meant that you got three bet preflop, but if he does that with 77+ it may be a pretty good play. How much did you sit with, you definetly seem to be having a good session.
  11. Was that a good turn raise after getting three bet with just a gutshot and a flush draw? Just asking, not really sure. Thought it might be a spew???EDIT Just saw your post about it. I thought it was a three bet on the turn so now i'm not sure but I still think I don't like it.
  12. The waiting list is now 8 long, but the guy did just rebuy again so we'll see if he is still there before I have to go to bed. until then I am railing.
  13. You're still in way to go man.Just got back and I'm back on the rail. Great run so far, keep it going.Edit: GG suited
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