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  1. Hold your rotten eggs for a moment!I really hope the big scandal in the work crew is B.S. because no one needs to go through crap like that. Even the people that hate me. No sarcasm there - just sincerity. Really.If it is B.S. though it would've made one helluva April Fool's joke...j/s.Hope everything works out for the best for everyone.
  2. It isn't Stevenson genius."Smoked my way out of Rutgers" bahahaha! Great f'ing excuse. Whatever gets you through the night...Have fun in JC & living with mom champ! Roll one for me eh?Bahahahahaha!
  3. The guy who needs JC to raise his grades? Please? Looks like you spent too much time playing grab-*** at the 2nd best H.S. in the state.Besides as a soccer fan you must have an inferiority complex...
  4. So, you can stalk my thread (I think you've posted in just about every thread I've started) but when I'm in yours it's GFO?When did I piss in your Cheerios? The only one who should really hate me is Custom and he asked for what he got.j/s
  5. Where did that initial quote by ajs510 come from?You have to get rid of that avatar...
  6. Right. Just checking.You'd live more comfortably with a $1,200 mortgage than $800-$900 in rent though. That was my only point.
  7. Forget the long run. It's better in the short run as well.Owning instead of renting is better whether you're self employed or not. You're not saing he should switch from a mortage to renting just to lower the payments are you?
  8. Oh, and don't rent because being a home owner when you're self employed is invaluable for tax purposes plus it's probably the most secure (as in safe) investment he can make.A $1,200 mortgage when you're self employed would be better than renting for $800 in the long run.
  9. Definitely, 1K into the college fun would be overkill. Unless you have 2 budding doctors in the family.I see your point and remember I thought we were talking gross which would've meant 35K at best.The one wildcard is the children. I don't have any of my own as I don't think you do either but from what I've seen from those around who do the one thing I know is that you can't ever over budget when it comes to them.(Is that a run on sentence? It has to be. Plus, I just realized I spelled budget incorrectly earlier.)Friggin' Beans!Lol!Remember, he's gonna need 2 of those. Or is it 4 becaus
  10. $250 a week for incidentals? With 2 kids? No Way. Maybe for 6 months or even a year but not over the long hall. A nice set of braces will blow that to all holy hell! :)And - DO NOT RENT!Wanna just call it a case?
  11. Trust me Eric, I understand the cost of living. I took too many business law classes not too. Relax, there are a lot of incidentals you're not taking into consideration. If we're talking net then yes, it can be done. But it's going to take more than just a good budget.Apologies - I missed the part where it was stated we were dealing with net over gross. I owe you another beer.
  12. Bleacher,Thanks also...So..tax wise..are we looking at 35%ish of gross for taxes?...Or is it more towards 45%..I realize that's a loaded questin as tax rates go up as you get nearer the 6 figure mark.My self-employed health insurance is through Blue Cross through the Farm Buruea and is actually pretty good (for self-employed)...I honestly wouldn't want to play unless I could make 6 figures, and there's no WAY I'm good enough to do that...I just REALLY enjoy playing (love it actually) and would love to do it all day long..but just don't see it as a reality...You'll be looking at about 1/3 in ta
  13. I really have to disagree with that. I'm not saying it's not possible but not in most places. Not with what he's planning (2 kids through college?).Netting 50K maybe but not grossing 50K. Do you know what you'll pay in taxes on 50K a year in poker winnings?
  14. That was a JOKE! (notice the "unwittingly"?)And a bit of sarcasm as to why the other post got locked.Sheeesh! Lighten up man!
  15. You'll never be able to do it on 50K. Not coming down on you just being a realist.First and foremost is taxes. You will have to file and claim your winnings meaning you'll need to be way over your original figure to net the 50K.2nd, as Custom said, your health ins. Will you still have coverage or need your own? It's not too expensive to obtain private coverage but that'll only do the trick if nobody in the family developes any serious illness or incurs a major iinjury. Drug covergae is a *****.I actually have some experience with nearly this exact scenario feel free to PM if you have any
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