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  1. I don't think there's enough large scale interest to make an actual tv show, but I would love to see a pro of Daniel's level of popularity sit down and play $1/2 No limit for a certain amount of time.I remember a few years ago (think that's right) that Daniel sat down at a smaller limit game, but he sat down with like $100k or so and played a lot of hands blind.I just think it would be great to see someone at that level go back and play a "Back to the Roots" game.I realize financially, it wouldn't be worth it for him, but it would be cool to see how they do and how they approach that game.I kn
  2. THANK YOU!Small thing in life, but I've been trying to find it for awhile. Finally thought of posting.Thanks again.I will pm dna4ever too just to make sure things are ok.:)Maybe, I'll try and play in one of those cash games you have here in town (Nashville). I'm usually one of those cheapy guys that doesn't play for much money thought (20-50 bucks or so)
  3. I've been googling a bunch to no avail. Not sure what to google for.I've got so many of my friends that have some sort of A.D.D. thing (we're all musicians), that I want to send this image to people.Can't remember who's avatar it was.If you have it, could you respond, or tell me where to find it?It says: I am easily distrac...and then there's a picture of a bunnythanks
  4. I got the Desert Sands (Nevada Jacks) set of 500 through clearing a bonus.After WAY TOO many hours of creating a spreadsheet, here's what I got for chips:$ 5 = 240 chips$ 25 = 150 chips$100 = 80 chips$500 = 20 chips$1000 = 10 chipsI usually do a T1000 chip tournament, sometimes a T1500 chip.For each player, I typically do:$5 = 30 chips - $150$25 = 14 chips - $350$100 = 5 chips - $500then a purple chip ($500) if we want to do a 150010/20 blinds startingI am ok up to 8 players with this set-up, including color ups from red.We also do a cash game (10/20cent blinds, sometimes 25/50 cents)$5
  5. My buddy said the guy through his cards towards the center, face up (he believed it was to him and he was showing his hand).Dealer did not muck the cards. They still sat there face up.I agree..dumb on player 3s part.It was a cruise ship 3/6 Limit game (that explains a lot, though..doesn't it?)Thanks for the post.
  6. Phil,It's gonna be the rebuy no limit trnmnt where he'll go crazy trying to build a big stack (last year same thing..right?) Trying to buy the bracelet.I think a lot of the pros did a LOT of rebuying last year. That's where Phil will really take a shot at it.Other almost guaranteed bracelets:Tiffany WilliamsonRobert VarkoniMoneymakerMonkey
  7. Playing in home game last night. My buddy tells me about cruise he just got back from. A hand arose where the floor people on the boat didn't know what to do, so they just chopped the pot. What are the rulings in these situations?Limit poker. 3 players..lots of flop and turn bets1. Player 1 checks. Before player 2 can make a decision, player 3 flips over his cards (face up) and throws them forward to the middle of the table (he believed it was checked down and he was turning his cards over). Player 2 decides to wait for a ruling before making a decision. Player 1 has 2 pair Player 3 has
  8. Not sure (after having seen the movie) if they'll recoup the 1.2 million Enzo.Some good car scenes (good camera shots and great cars).HORRIBLE acting. Went with 2 buddies. We ended up laughing out loud at least 10 times at just how bad the acting/dialogue was.Tough part is guy who made it put up his own money, his own cars on loan for it. Including distributing it himself.production budget (26 million)opening weekend (3.9 million)...total gross 6.8 millionwhen you consider the studio takes in typically around half of that number (theaters other part), his company may have pulled in 3.4 millio
  9. Think it was the news last night (might have been online) that they're looking at the budget coming in at $350 million for production, plus marketing on top of that. They're looking around 500 million for this movie. This should supposedly make it the most expensive movie to date.
  10. Ok..You made my day with that response.Zach..I think you may now officially want to move this to another forum. It seems off topic.:)E
  11. Sweet! Just give me a call when you're in town.615-867-5309Ask for Johnny (after the operation)Seriously..I can't wait to try and nuke it.Buddy of mine just got back from post production on new video up there and says he has some boxes for me.Very cool.
  12. Totally cool.I understand now.Now THAT is people skills and a very clear message from a moderator (didn't realize you did that). Totally makes sense.I understand the strat/bad beat/cooler thing, so that's cool.I certainly love these forums.I'm sitting here listening to discussions from players (some of them who just went WAY DEEP) in LA. (Awesome JC!)If everybody really listens to the advice and discussions here, wow does it help your game (even coolers and bad beats).Thanks again Zach for the professional last response. That's the way a moderator on a popular site should act. Awesome!!!Daniel
  13. Consider it addressed then (whomever took the time to complain about a post that could certainly be considered in the right section, or in the wrong section 50/50...wow)Zach, you can address these crabby people and let them know I'll just post them in the general forum next time.Anytime you type on this forum, you just know that someone will chew you out for something (inevitable). Thought this forum seemed to fit what I was asking. No problem if it doesn't.The real stuff here>>>>The toffee...seriously good toffee. I've found you need to whack the box on a table to break it into ma
  14. I'm assuming you didn't mean to come off quite like you did.The way I figure this is that I'm in a poker tournament, and I have a question about if anybody gets away from this hand, ever. My post said I wasn't complaining or mad. I just wondered if anybody ends up folding in this situation post-flop. Sure seems like a question for tournament poker strategy section. Sure there's no 'strategic' content whatsoever. I'm asking if there's any strategic advice about this, or do I just go broke?It's not a bad beat, I never said it was.Now if there's a 'cooler' section, that would be pretty cool
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