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  1. that @#$%in' justin timberlake song makes me angry.very, very angry.and the radio station they listen to in my office, plays it once every hour.i'm thinking this song plus tequila shots would cause crazy massive destruction.
  2. coke > pepsi.come on, rum & pepsi?! jack & pepsi?!doesn't even sound right. definitely doesn't taste right.
  3. there was an nhl player back in the 80's named haaken loob (spelling may be a bit off). if i remember right, he was on calgary's '89 stanley cup team.
  4. i only got 20.i had the lowest sat score of all my friends, too.
  5. i think i just turned to stone
  6. very much so, yes.as of late, geddy seems to be throwing a bit more into his riffs, especially that sweeping, turbo-charged picking thing he's been doing lately. plus, the solo at the end of bravado (when they play it live) is very good.i do miss the jam at the end of closer to the heart, too, although i can understand that they're tired of playing it.
  7. spirit of radio - rushthe trees - rush
  8. rush bass lines to jam to -5. freewill4. red sector a3. analog kid2. yyz1. limelighthonorable mentions - spirit of radio, new world man, 2112, and practically everything else
  9. never had any problems at wendy's.i mean, sure, on occasion, they've screwed up an order. but so has mcdonald's.wendy's has better burgers.mcdonald's has better fries. no complaints about either, though.then again, i've never tried to walk through the drive-in.when i'm that drunk, i usually go for the slice of pizza that's as big as your head.
  10. i don't think i can pick a favorite, but here's some (or least some that should be) classics (in no particular order) - roundabout - yes2112 - rushcome together - beatlesalison - elvis costello & the attractions
  11. maybe he should have tried a spraybottle instead.i hear cats don't like that.
  12. wasn't friedman a monetarist?that's about all i remember from econ.that, and gresham's law.
  13. tempest was great!it was tough to find, but fun to play. if only i had a superzapper in real life.
  14. the hunt for red octobergroundhog day is another good one.any bond film, except never say never again, view to a kill, and license to killbetter off deadone crazy summerand for some reason, a few good men. oh, and the princess bride.
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