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  1. he did start firing on the flop. and a weak flop. 8 5 4 rainbow with a turn 2 that closes the posibility of a flush...and he starts firing again on the turn.did he have trip 8's, 5's, 4's? 67 and miss buying you out? A better two pair with the 8's?we have a decent hand, and you can't really let those small cards scare you, unless....was your opponent playing everyhand earlier? because then he could have anything, thus increasing the odds that he might be holding a hand like 63, 83, 53, 43....only you would know that.
  2. eh, i won a 650 pc set and a 500 pc set in bar tourniments. they make nice christmas presents. i gave one to my boss last christmas and was his best friend for the duration of my time there.
  3. damn that's lame. never on my worst day have i ever asked....I'm offended you asked.If your so good hit some online sites that post prize pools for free enters. Then all you have to do is beat out a crowd of 500 or so, collect 10 cents for your 2nd place win, and do it again. A few times. Quite a few times.I actually got up to $300 a few times that way (I lost it after that mind you), so have at it. It can be done. You might even feel like you accomplished something.
  4. and how. scary business. that david bowey nuke is just as frightening. I'd hate to see what comes of this. After the "peices of flair" inititive in Nazi Germany it only took about 9 years before the world was caught in a maelstrom of which there was no denying or escaping. I only wonder how far it will go before neutrality and "hand sitting" is not an option.
  5. when is this i dont see it on the tournie schedule?
  6. Is this a real question? "My god has a bigger crank than your god!"-george carlin, paraphrased of course.
  7. I dunno Dano. If I have painted pockets in the small blind, I'm going to be more apt (especially in limit) when it is folded down to me and just one opponent (the big blind) to call and let him enter. Then when I bet the flop (or turn if the flop is favorable for me) he might have something to call me with. Even heads up in a limit game I want to take something more than just the blinds for my hand. The only hands that are going to be calling you when you raise in that situation are hands that you don't really want to go against anyway, especially if you raise with KT, JQ, KJ...stuff like
  8. Might have something to do with higher dollar entry SNG's becoming more and more popular, frequent, and found just about everywhere. SNG's typically were in the 5 to 20 dollar range before, now upwards of 200 even some places get a regular crowd doing the 1000. If you can just regularly place, (some paying out to four places) I can see it being a winning strategy.Especially if you stay out of money games, tourneys with over 40 players and essentially play every and all SNG's tight as hell for the first 4 or 5 increases. Still plenty of playes that like the big action of the higher enters an
  9. I agree check, and take the free card. Too many people in the pot to bully out and your draw is not as good as it would be if you had two cards in the hole for your straight flush draw. If that was the case, you would probably drawing to a nut hand if you make the straight, flush, or str8 flush and it would be worth it to bet at least the pot maybe half the second tall stack and try to take the pot right now. 2,000 is a quite a few blinds at this point.However, that is not your situation now. If you make a set the probability of someone making a straight is huge. If you make your flush th
  10. This has gotten a lot more entertaining and dare I say, titalating, since the top of thread page 7, of which this is. Glad I checked it out more than once.
  11. I have not the words nor the time to get into why I would never reply to this if I were in fact DN, or really anyone of note who will end up getting ugly press over the contimplation of responding to this post.Having said that, my pick has got to be Jen Tilly. You may say she is not a professional card player. I say, she has a WSOP braclet. How many do you have?
  12. I once made a post of a similar situation I was in in a house tourney game, where I folded the unthinkable, and I never let it get past the flop. Early, like second or third hand dealt, we are all in for $20 and start with 2000 stacks and blinds up every 15 min with 25/50 blinds to start.The UTG folds, and then folded around to the button who raises to 100, I re-raise to 300 from the SB with KK, BB (my friend Errol who is the one that sticks it to me here) re-raises to 400 (odd raise, but that is his MO) button folds, I raise to 600, BB calls. Flop comes rainbowed with AT4. I check (having
  13. oceansize


    As much as I really am tempted to see what "tubgirl.com" is all about, I'm at work. I played it safe with homestarrunner and got a Strong Bad sbemail wallpaper for this comp, and a Korn banner for my UPS station. Actually that's the only cool thing about my job, three puters that I can decorate how I like. Other than that, it's for sucks.
  14. Wow, I used to always think it would be cool to be a dealer. Now I realize it would be just as cool to be any kind of regular server, driver, attendant, etc...for any regular celebrity. There is just too much material there for it not to be a good time.
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