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  1. That was ridiculous...I can't believe he came back from that
  2. I like it when you're mad, that post was hot up until there. Way to ruin a perfectly good boner
  3. I got 96 kids valentines I'm gonna be handing out at the bars Thursday night
  4. Belgium sucks balls, I hear Barcelona's ridiculous though have fun, Prague and Italy are both a great time, although there's more to do in Italy.
  5. Is this really what the real world's like?
  6. So plank's a bad thing? Got it.We watched Talladega Nights today, and I can't stop saying "With all due respect <insert insult>". This can't be good for tonight, I know I'm gonna call some girl an uglyass bitch or something
  7. Are you really in a long distance relationship?
  8. My post must have been really really super good...
  9. *****That's 5 stars, my new way of rating posts I like (on a * to ***** scale).
  10. Below freezing wouldn't do anything to it, maybe the 100+ degree temps but you're a pussy if you don't even try it
  11. Nice, I hadn't downloaded that onto my new laptop yet...I'm still missing so many songs that I don't remember unless I hear them, it's so sad.Also (mostly unrelated) the Michael Jackson and Akon remix to Wanna be Starting Something is pretty good. I would have bet my left nut that link was going to be to one of the baby commercials, then I saw this... Thank God I didn't, lefty's the one with all power.
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