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  1. hence stupid little web game! lol...pooface is funny. I was hoping for more of a sims game. It may get there I don't know
  2. I have no clue what this really does other than build a city through visits. Thought I would try it out. If interested click on my link then create your own city and post the link here and I will click on yours.http://dirty-aces.myminicity.com
  3. swill55301 is mineplaying cod4 pretty religiously right now.
  4. That is kind of funny. One of the big reason the Vikes let him go was b/c he would not rehab where they wanted him to. Childress went to visit him and he was rehabbing in the parking lot of some strip mall. Was very strange to say the least. He had ability but that injury and his big headedness was his downfall. He started acting as his own agent and would send the press quotes refering to himself in the third person.
  5. was he rehabbing there?met John Randle once at a bar and he was a dick. Jim Kleinsasser was there too. Someone asked him for an autograph and he said 5 bucks. So I passed him by and said loudly, "Who would pay $5 for a guy who can't even hold onto the ball." He got pissed and stood up and looked around. This was right after a game where he fumbled twice. On the flip side, played Golden Tee with Robert Smith that night, and Ed McDaniel. Met Brock Lesnar at Morton's in downtown Minneapolis as we were both waiting for tables. Dude is huge. My wife had made a comment about how big his neck
  6. MNBassin


    not trying to be mean.....how is playing in a free tournament playing above your head? You have nothing to lose!
  7. wait...there's dramabombs in ot?
  8. I never min raise before the floop
  9. I like to use the min raise in a couple places. in position with a strong hand and the original bet was big enough. If the original bet was small, I will raise bigger. If I know a guy will play I will overbet the pot. Just depends on the situation but I do think a min raise is a good way to get paid off
  10. MNBassin

    Gun Control

    Ok...I will give you that.....the op could be full of it, as I said it was an email sent to me, it was a thing that made me go hmmmm. just thought I would share is all. Reminds me of a story where I think it was Rumsfield giving a speech/lecture in France and had this one French student heckling him. Rumsfield stopped in the middle of his speech and addressed the heckler. It went something like this:Rumsfield: "Excuse me. Do you speak German?"Student: "No."Rumsfield: "You're welcome."
  11. think the difference is about $20-$50 depending on who you see
  12. MNBassin

    Gun Control

    you are saying I am full of it? buddy that's a great conclusion you have made. Speedz said what I was trying to say best. What I took from what you said earlier is that screw the people getting killed off b/c it would have happened anyways so why get the troops killed while they are committing genocide? Maybe you should FYP so it states exactly what you are trying to state b/c it sounded pretty bad and I was trying to be more civil about my response to you that to say you are full of shit.
  13. wagon's east (his last movie)
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