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  1. Not a huge fan of the man but i think the key is that he does not belittle his opponents. He looks like a jackass but that is on him. He never says anything about how poorly anyone has played or mock them in any way. Humberto gets in your face and brings his opponents in to it which I think is completely different. I don't get why the NFL cracks down on Chad Johnson grabbing some pom poms but doesn't do anything about all the guys who get in each other's faces jawing after a 4 yard gain.
  2. I was check out the videos on cardplayer.com, made me lose all respect for bluff magaizne.
  3. I do belive the man qualified for the WSOP TOC last(?) year. Not a huge fan of the man; he did help spread bad music through out the world but you need some game to make it to the TOC.
  4. Has anyone else watch the videos of the FT? The two guys doing the play by play needed to just shut up. I did enjoy all the times they just KNEW Ivey was going to raise only to watch Phil much his hand. I would have rather listened to the drunkin guys cheer on Tony G then listen to their horible comentary.
  5. Quote+Comic Stip bellow+pot= way too much giggleing
  6. I have a message from my grandmotherSCREW YOU!
  7. and i giggled like a school girl, well played sir
  8. How sick does it make you feel that Ivey can kill at the poker and pacman tables. I love that theonly thing that can stop one of the most competative people on earth walk away is lunch from subway.I thought i went through withdrawl after the WSOP and there was no more Circut everyday what the hell am I gonna do now. Much love to Scott, Joe and Gavin I can honestly say you have closed leaks in my game and made me money.
  9. can i get added to the aim chatroom thecodj is the s/n
  10. my second fipament my second first round bye i have all the skills bitches
  11. long time lurker in in on the second chance, teddygrahams
  12. So take a look at cardplayers website I see an ad for paradise poker, one for ultimate bet and party poker right away. I guess all those other sites are are soo pissed. So what they did a story on Full Tilt, that doesn't mean ****.
  13. Do those electronic tables allow you to know how many "chips" each player at the table has or only how many you have?
  14. I think it is sad that the WSOP would care more about what makes good TV then what takes good poker.
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