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  1. Daniel - You ***** about structures more then anyone else. You are one of the best players in the game. Just play poker.
  2. Bet the Badgers for the national Championship. Thank me later.KullmannPS - Alando Tucker player of the year. Listen to Dicky V.
  3. PLHE and PLO are a great combo. In my home game, we play pot-limit hold'em, omaha, stud and triple draw. We call it HOST.
  4. reese doesn't play the hold'em as well as others, and farha just won that o/8 at the series, but he said that it was only his second o/8 tourney. he also isn't considered a great limit poker player.
  5. Whose games would make up the ultimate big game player for each game? Here are a few suggestions from the rumors I have heard from you, Greenstein, and others. The list doesn't include some of the new guys you don't hear much about live (Booth, Antonious, ect.) but you can include those guys as well.NL Hold Em - Chan, D. Brunson?Limit Hold Em - T. Brunson, Harman?Pot Limit Omaha - Farha, Berman, Benyamine?Omaha 8b - DN, Matusow, Gaing, Benyamine?7 Stud - Ivey, Reese, Hennigan, Forrest?7 Stud 8b - Forrest, Hennigan?Razz - I have no Idea2-7 Triple Draw - Gus, Juanda, DN?Limit Omaha - Elezra?NL
  6. I would have children with Isabelle Mercier.
  7. didn't see this, what is ted forrest's sn?
  8. Ozzy 87 = Aurangzeb "Ozzy" Sheikh. S young online pro from NY. Finished 6th at Pokerstars tournement year, just after turning 18.Casey at Bat = Chip Reese
  9. DevilKin, to your signature:Homer: Ahh the first few seconds before you realize why you are sleeping on the lawn.Marge: Homer we need to talk.Homer: About what? Sports?Marge: No.Homer: Bigamy?Marge: YesHomer: Not a big sports fan Huhh?
  10. Greatest Cardplayer video ever. Check it out.
  11. I bet I could punt that dog 50 yards.
  12. I completely agree. I do play HORSE sit-n-gos on Full Tilt. The home game I play in is Pot-Limit: Hold'Em, Omaha, Stud, & 2-7 Triple Draw. While I do like the HORSE sit-n-goes, it is still limit, which is just show down poker and way too much stud.
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