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  1. It's the way Harrington explains it. £20 in the pot and £10 to play is 2to1.If there's £20 in the pot and your opponent bets £10 then you are getting 3to1.(£30 in the pot and you need to call £10).If you're getting 2 to 1 it means you need a 1 in 3 chance of winning to make it a fair bet. Maybe that's what he meant?
  2. I think you need to go for the double up here. By folding your giving away positicve equity.And btw. None of you have are so good that you should be laying this down.
  3. How is this a strong hand?You need 2 table cards and 3 board cards don't you?
  4. If you have the right odds to call a hand, at the beginning of a tourney, should you go for it or not? and why not?Eg:10 person SnG: first hand:blinds are 10/20. Everyone has a stack of 1500 chips. You're in the BB and everyone folds till the SB who raises allin.Your hand is 55 and the other guys hand is AQo (lets say for arguments sake that he showed you his cards, so you're 100% sure what he has).Do you call or fold? You're getting the right odds. But you're putting the SnG on a 50-50 hand.I would definitely fold in this situation and I think that's the right play. But what's the reason for
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