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  1. Thinking about signing up with PS through Neteller, but i have a quick question, can u transfer your winnings from your neteller account back into your bank account? Signed up with FT through epassporte and it was a pain in the as.s to get that money back into my bank account. thanks
  2. Your kidding right. If you realy believe that there are more badbeats on party then any other site, because online poker is ofcourse rigged no wonder why your a losing player. That wasnt even what i was getting at jacka.ss. Never used the word rigged once. Used the VARIANCE, big difference a-hole
  3. Last year, i was a winning poker player. But so far this year i have just been terrible. Stopped playing a Party b/c of the bad beats. Switched to Full tilt and have seen even more bad beats. I typically play heads up sit n gos on there and i know variance variance. But after so many drawouts and 2 outers you get tired of hearing about variance and just want to shoot someone. I think i may take the month off and concentrate on school cause this sh.it is getting old real quick.
  4. I had to open an account on ftp through epassporte, b/c the lovely state of GA doesnt allow direct bank account transfers.So i was wondering if i withdraw money from my ftp account and it goes into my epassporte account, how do i get that money into to my bank account.that is all
  5. scotty no i feel your pain like you wouldnt believe. A couple of weeks ago i played on pp and was taking beats everywhere 1/2 no limit cash game, everywhere from 20 to 50 dollar tourneys, in one day i lost like 200 and change on beats alone.So then my buddy called and was having a party, went over there got hammered, went to the bar and got hammered.Woke up th next day, hungover and wanting to play some poker logged on tried to sit down at a 20 sng and had insufficent funds, looked at my account and had, $3.20, when the night before i had 534.Called support and said i thought someone had hac
  6. I see Andy Bloch on their all the time.In order of sessions i have see.Andy BlochDavid OppenheimJohn DagostinoQuiet LionPhil IveyPerry FriedmanHaven't seePhil GordonErik SeidelHoward LedererLayne FlackChris FergusonJohn Juanda
  7. go to the strategy section and get some advice there. You have to remeber even if you have aq vs. 85., its 60% vs. 40%. steal more blinds and antes, take more flops, and try to out play ppl on the flop, turn, and river. Don't just wait to go allin pf with a "good hand", get in there and gamble and put ppl to decisions, you want your opponent to make the tough decisions not yourself.
  8. damn that sh.it is crazy had no idea any of that happened. Thanks for link bigdmcgee, it is interesting to see stuff other dramaclown and various other flame and pwned threads thanks for the information, it definitely changes my view of men, and minh. It also changes my view on dn an little bit, im sure he has changed since then but the name calling was a little out of line.
  9. bigdmcgee, that link to men the master and the cheating stuff was awesome. If you further into that thread john juanda starts talking about men too. Could you please put up a link to the rpg site where this whole duke/ negreanu thing started, i saw howard's response but never saw what daniel said about annie. thanks
  10. ivey is too busy for a blog or a forum. However, i saw he was playing in a play money game the other day on ftp. Getting harassed by the stupid questions i have ever seen.
  11. I'm sure everyone is tired of bad beat stories but i just need to vent after tonite's bullchit. On FTP, playing head up 100 dealt pp of Ks in bb guy limps on button. Blinds 15/30 make it 120 to go he reraises me allin right off the bat so i call. He has pp of 6s flops set. Early in match so im down to 90.Move down to 50 headup, dealt jj on the button blinds the same raise to 120, guy reraises me to 420, now this guy has been hyper aggressive and ive taken pots by just checking and letting him bet hands for me. This time though i go allin, instant call with q 9 diamonds, flops the queen.
  12. Iveyfan, what jesus and unabomber thing are you referring to cause i have no idea what dn said about either
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