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  1. Going to be in Nashville in a few weeks. Was wondering if there were any card rooms around to kill some time at?
  2. Hey. Been to Caesar's, Belterra, and French Lick to play pokah. Still have yet to go to Eville. For those of you that have been, what games do they spread? I live in Indy and don't wanna make the drive if the room is shitty. If they spread 1/2, is it like Caesar's where you have to pay $6 every half hour?
  3. I found a post awhile back and couldn't find it with the search function. The poster asked about how to get money onto online sites and people replied that the Visa Gift Cards from Walgreen's/CVS worked. Does anyone know about this? If so, let me know how your experience went.
  4. You were right. Shitty room. Too long of a wait to get in the game. Horrid dealers. Room smokey since it's so close to the slots. I'm never going back.
  5. Nice. Thanks for the info. I'm an IU alum myself and am thinkin about headin down there this week. Again, thanks for the info.
  6. Did you go during the week or on the weekend?
  7. I searched and saw that some FCPers were going down there to check it out, but no one posted a trip report or opinions? For those who have been there, how was it? What games/limits do they spread, etc?
  8. Used the search function and couldn't find anything. But, is it safe to deposit vie instant echeck on FullTilt with the new gambling legislation going on if I haven't done so before?? Thanks for the info ahead of time.
  9. What happened to TexasLimitKing on FT?? Haven't seen him on there in awhile.
  10. Would definitely love to, however, exams and such are in the way. I'll definitely be down there in mid march though.GL while your there. The play is terrible mostly.
  11. Who are some of these people? I was observing some of the games going on tonight and the money being thrown around was sick. TheCount1729, thunderkeller, crazyplayer, nojob, tapemeasure, just to name a few. I hear a lot about the PS and FT pros, but who are the UB pros?
  12. I occasionally play at FT and watch some of the pros play the high limit. I was just wondering if you guys saw the same pros as I do. Some of them I see all the time and some I NEVER see.See All The Time:Phil Ivey John D'AgastinoQuiet LionSee A Lot:Perry FriedmanErik SeidelAllen CunninghamErick LindgrenSee Sometimes:Farzad BonyadiLayde FlackJohn JuandaNever See:Howard LedererJennifer HarmanChris FergusonClonie GowenAndy Bloch
  13. I'm sure this has been posted 1324 times, but my search feature isn't working. Plain and simple, which sites offer the best freerolls?
  14. http://cgi.ebay.com/CHEAT-AT-POKERSTARS-FU...1QQcmdZViewItemWhat the shit is this?
  15. IMO you really can't go wrong with the Dell Inspiron models. You can get the lower number models for a pretty good price and they are perfectly fine for no more than a student/poker player will need. My only suggestion is that you get one with 512 Mb of RAM. Other than that it's your call.Hope this helps.
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