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  1. Is this something new he does or something????
  2. Not nearly enough to play 1/2 how do you go from needing 1,500 to play 1/2 and then 13,500 for 3/6???Thats 7-8 buy ins at 1/2 and 22-23 at 3/6???I would agree and say .5/1 Not enough for 1/2 bud.
  3. Yes, just got done watching EP. 9 Season 3.
  4. Gonna have to try this....... Thanks
  5. Whats the saltines trick??? I dont get it.....
  6. We went to Viejas and Barona. We were going to go to Sycuan (dont know if thats how you spell it) but some guy at Viejas said that place sucked so we didnt go.
  7. What does your job consist of exactly???
  8. Me and my buddies went there about 2 years ago. Small poker room but its alright. You should check out Barona, cleaner poker room alot of old people to take money from. Some of them are funny as hell cause they give you ****. GOOD TIMES!!!!
  9. Because if your asking this question then your not ready to quit and play professionally. You should of known what to do (Single Table, Multi Table) a long time ago.
  10. Here is a link I stole from Pocket Five's.http://www.pocketfives.com/5C57520F-8A89-4...D240CB3E59.aspx
  11. 10% ???? Holy Sh it, I must be cheap
  12. You know anyone who has ever done this????
  13. yeah, I would say play multiple $5 sit n go's, I dont know how anyone plays .5/.10 no limit. That s h i t is boring. $5 sit n go's get boring but at this stage, I would say it is your best bet.
  14. He is just asking a beginner question. GEEZ!!! Relax!!!
  15. Was Cindi and Freddy playing Limit??? What Stakes?????
  16. yes, froze up and now wont let me back on....
  17. Website issues.....maybe, you havent played on FT much have you???Happens almost every month.
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