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  1. This! Dragon raids don't cut at th9. Its all gowipe, gowiwi and lavaloonion. Actually gowipe is really powerful at th8 against other th8's. Get your pekkas to lvl 3. It makes a huge difference.
  2. I can't believe I've never seen this thread. I'm late to the party. So what clan are you guys in? I'm in Koryo Zion. We have a pretty solid core. We just survived a major rebuild when our leader retired and a bunch of strong players left. I think we've finally recovered. I'm a maxed th9 (BD_SuperflyTNT) trying to finish my lvl 10 walls and working on getting my heroes to lvl 20+. Then I will consider upping to th10. I've been fighting off the urge to upgrade. I really want those max troops.
  3. What I thought was interesting was how well Cormier did striking against Jones early in that fight but couldn't out wrestle him. Against Rumble he was dominate physically but couldn't strike with him. And how the hell did he survive that first bomb by Rumble? He wasn't even stunned. Unreal.
  4. I dvr'd the fights but my dvr stopped recording right when the last fight was starting so I watched the replay at 2am. My first watch of the Cerrone fight I thought Bendo won. Watching the second time I thought it was closer. Looking at the fight card from UFC.com shows Bendo landed 93/162 total strikes while Cerrone landed 58/126. Bendo also wins in significant strikes 86/155 to 57/125 respectively. Cerrone scored the only take down of the fight. Not sure how they arrived at the decision they did.
  5. I couldn't believe my eyes/ears when they announced this decision. It was so bad it makes me think this isn't legit.
  6. You got that right Booster. Hodor!!
  7. I can't believe I missed my birthday wish from Fritzy. Maybe next year.
  8. Ray Manzerak, keyboardist for The Doors.
  9. *phone rings*Michael J. Fox: I'll be back in two shakes.
  10. Around here it's called the big inflatable toilet. The place sucks beyond comprehension. It will be interesting to see how much this will help the stadium debate.
  11. Couldn't agree more with what ajs said. Just do yourself a favor and get all of the LZ albums.I'll throw out AC/DC (Back In Black), Boston (The first three ablums), and Black Sabbath (We Sold Our Soul For Rock and Roll).
  12. Damn you guys! Just when I have myself convinced I don't need a tube amp you start raving on about how great these 15W amps are. Tomorrow is pay day. I'll report back on Monday if I pick something up...dicks
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