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  1. As of about a month ago BoDog allowed it as well.Really? I wonder if it's a marketing decision or just sheer ignorance on their part.good luck.
  2. People who buy in for the minnimum, win a hand, leave, and then immediately return and rebuy for the minnimum. Most sites don't allow you to rebuy for less than you left with, but party does. Because of this, you can exploit a relatively simple shortstack arbitrage theory and negate most of the advantage of being able to apply pressure with a larger stack. I'm surprised more people don't do it realy, but enough do to make it not worth my time to play there even with all the benefits.good luck.
  3. Not leading this flop is so bad I almost went blind.good luck.
  4. I've seen you advocate dropping a buy in early just for some advertising, but I just can't seem to hold a table together to make it worthwhile.You've seen me advocate dropping a buy in or more to gamble towards having a 400BB stack as quickly as possible. Hit and runs don't really bother me. Shortstacked ratholers bother me, which would be why I don't play NL on party anymore.Also, I don't play a lot of 6-max. I do end up playing a lot of shorthanded at full tables where people just get sick of playing me.good luck.
  5. Here's the hand where he busts Prescott - AP moves in with A9o with an M of 8 and Nordberg calls an all-in with AJs. I don't think that I would have made either move.You wouldn't move in with A9??good luck.
  6. The reason I played the Q2o was because I viewed it as a stealing hand, but that game I'd been trying out limping rather than raising with position, looking to steal on the flop. (Harrington recommends this)4 handed short stacked?I haven't read it, but if he does, he's wrong.good luck.
  7. Move in preflop if you're going to move in on flops like this.I'm not a huge fan of your preflop raise from the BB to be honest. I'm a lot more likely to move in and pick up the raise from anything but AA or KK.good luck.
  8. I think this was a terrible call...I think it's an automatic call against most players.Unless you're capable of moving in with JJ here or something which most people aren't.good luck.
  9. I guess I don't understand the need to auto-push here. I know most people would, but in the best case you're a flip for your tourney life. Remember, AK is not a made hand.That's a reason to move in, not one to see a flop which you'll miss 2/3 of the time, more when you're way ahead preflop againt a weaker ace.good luck.
  10. Hero says to the table, "Oops, I am playing PLO tourney right? I am against 332 combos of hands and oop. Ok since tournaments are for suckers, please take my money now or outdraw me later".You're right, this is a good flop for KK.I take your point though, there's definately some validity to it.good luck
  11. How many chips were in play there? There must have been a lot more than we had to play with here...Yeah, we both had the entire rest of the final table easily outchipped when it started and it closed to heads up fast so it was pretty deep. I don't remember how long it was exactly and I may just be misremembering how long it took, but I disntincly remember there was a break right after it got to HU and then near the end I kept thinking we were actually going to make another break. I ended up second when I made a just horrendus play with bottom pair. I think I just wanted to sleep really.good
  12. I have a very general question. I once discussed going in on tourney hands as a favorite, but generally quite slight (coin flip, 60/40). My question to all NL HE tourney players is: is it viable to only put your money in as bigger favorites. I just want to make sure that getting it in there in these situations is going to be situation, but that may be a part of the question, what is the situation where it is right? Where is it wrong? I mean I guess maybe this is all too general as I know I wouldn't likely commit half of my stack if I were a leading big stack late in a tourney with 66s or such,
  13. Total elapsed time in heads-up: 26 minutes, 30 seconds (start of hand to start of hand).I've gone close to an hour, but it did involve a lot of fluky play the board chops.good luck.
  14. Some may say this is stupidThat's stupid. Shove on the flop.good luck.
  15. Why did you open-push in the first hand you listed?Probably thought he might get calls from TT or JQ or somethinggood luck.
  16. Anyway, my question (which applies to all SnGs and MTTs): does anyone have any tips on dealing with the table bully? This is the guy who bets and bets and pushes everyone around.Be himgood luck.
  17. You would be very surprised...he lower buy-ins are chock full of TV viewers who are curious what this poker thingy is all about. The majority have no concept of outs, pot odds, bet/raise sizes etc. Plus, you have to factor in the "it's only $5 mentality".I'll take your word for it. I have played $5 buy ins before, and I don't remember being quite that cray, but then i was busy bubbling out with sets losing to runner runner so I probably wan't paying that much attention. I run worse the lower the buy in is, I swear. I bet I could play 1000 $.10+0s and never cash.good luck.
  18. A $10/$5 buy-in usually plays a lot differently than a $100/$50 buy-in. I am fairly confident that there isn't > 1% of all $5 tourney players I have run across that would fold a hand like A-J, Aces, Kings, Queens, etc. to our pushReally? In third place after the first break they're ready to go broke with an overpair instead of folding and being in fourth place?I can understand if they have an average amount of chips, but what your saying implies they're totally unaware of how many chips they have.May be the case, but I'd think people who don't play many tournaments wouldn't be that eager t
  19. Stack sizes?Yeah, I'm too lazy to dig them out, but the pot was large enough and their stacks small enough that they're likely calling anything with any peice of the flop and folding to any bet without a piece. Which is why I led the flop that small. Also, I'm OOP, the flop sucks and I'm aiming to show this down cheaply. I'm willing to give draws a price here because I'm not willing to get overly involved 40/30/30 at this point. I had them both covered easily, but not by enough that my inflection point wouldn't change drastically if I got too involved.Like I said, I'm lazy. I see the argu
  20. River, Villian jams. He thinks his A9, AJ, AQ is good and is hoping for a call from a weaker hand. Hero calls and shows a very unorthodoxly played AK, and scoops the pot.Except for the 80% of the time villian has Tx and Hero gave him infinate implied odds on the turn and then paid him off.FPS is bad enough, encouraging FPS should have some sort of electrode that runs right to your balls to discourage you from doing it.good luck
  21. If our opponent is weak, our pot-sized bet will usually accomplish the same thing as a push (the push may actually work against us (reverse psychology), resulting in hands that would normally fold perhaps calling as we have shown weakness by pushing, which could result in a bad beat). If our opponent is strong, they will usually raise/push us back, which gets the same result as our push.No, because the ideal result here is a fold, not getting most of our chips in with a coinflip. Because of the not insubstantial overlay allready offered by the pot, we're rarely in bad shape when calls, but w
  22. Please elaborate on the purpose of your push there, compared to a CB as I suggested of 3/4's to about pot-size.Someone should really be paying me for this, but ok.The short version is that we have a coinflipish hand nearly all the time here. We have villian covered. Villian has a lot of chips. Villian is in great shape to go deep if he folds a hand we're 40/60 against. Villian is out if he calls and loses. It's better to win this sized pot with a fold, but if we're not going to get a fold it's better to get all our chips in when we're ussually ahead or slightly behind instead of having to
  23. Your flop bet makes no sense - way too small.Really? I don't think so. Why would I bet more into this flop?
  24. Not sure what the short stack is going to do with that extra chip...If everyone calls and SB checks to him, he can check, Actuary can move in, SB can call, he can fold, Actuary can get nocked out, and he gets second!good luck.
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