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  1. This is a good point and I was thinking this too. I guess it's just the lunacy of the way some of these hands have delevoped plus the fact that I feel I've played them well, although for that I should obviously post hand over in strat. This last thing is something I will certainly do from the Stars hands (they certainly have the best HH feature of the sights I've played on).And your right BBFIDTS is probably the most appropriate answer here, I do think it's just running bad I guess. It's just I was a first time player at Stars after the FCP rollover so I was more hesitant over playing there
  2. Is it just me, is it just a string of rediculous beats/rivers (running bad), or does Stars have the worst RNG on the internet? Just wondering.
  3. If there's another topic on this, then I apologize. I just wanted to express my gratitude to the FCPInfo crew, especially Bob, and all of the live support for the FCP Poker room. You guys were the best, the ease with which my questions were quickly resolved by the support guys, and the fair, excellent, speedy and community-oriented way in which FCPInfo dealt with any network problems, snafus, or anything of the like which effected tournaments, table games, or any general situation with multiple players was welcomed and excellent. Thanks guys, hope all turns out well for everyone mentioned h
  4. This is certainly a standard spot, but I'm wondering how to play this/where you guys would improve on this play. This took place at a $100NL 6-max table, and I didn't have any reads on the guy (hadn't played with/hadn't been there long). Stacks were effectively 100 each (he may have had me slightly covered), and I don't recall all suits.Hero, in BB dealt: 10x10x Villian limps in the CO, SB completesHero Raises $2.25 to $3.25. Villian calls. SB Folds. Heads up to the flop.FLOP (Pot: $7.50):8s5s5xHero bets $4, Villian calls.TURN (Pot: $15.50):3xHero bets $8, Villian calls.RIVER (Pot: $31.50
  5. It has a couple of different meanings. The one that actually ... well not annoys, but it kinda gets under my skin is when someone says NH when there was a 'pretty hand' (IE Quads or whatever) - I actually like to say it when some plays a hand well, but I could see it in the basketball analogy too.
  6. Does anyone know when this starts today? Also is it in the Fontana lounge?
  7. This topic is kinda inspiring, and from another perspective, amazingly eye-opening to the greatness of some of the players here. A month and a half +~20k from a starting point of $500 is amazing to me. Wow. I hope that you're able to meet your goal of 25, but jeez to be stopped even at this point - to me at least - is an amazing feat. The starting point is the amazing thing. Color me thoroughly amazed.
  8. Definitely still interested, and I undestand your desire to put together a large more prestigious event. That's sensible, for me however, $80 would be too much. So I don't know about the others who were looking to play in a small buy-in, but I'd be interested in playing a tournament where the total buy-in is about $30-50. Then again, I'm only really able to play on Bodog and FCP (without transfer with someone). All that being said, those are the numbers I'm looking at and with the site constraints, I guess I'll leave my hat in the ring to play in a tourney from $10-50 (absolute top cap) t
  9. Relax there. Yes I thought it was a $30 + 3 since there still seems to be some question as to what format we're going to use to set this up. Additionally, I've never dealt with setting it up through someone holding the money.
  10. $33 works for me, I have no clue who would be able to hold the money, but I agree it should be someone trusted. Not sure exactly how that would work in terms of setup, etc., but I'd be willing to transfer to whomever it is the $$$ from Bodog or FCP - I don't have a Stars account.So still, count me in, if somehow the transfer from FCP/Bodog could work out.
  11. I think there seems to be enough interest to do say a $22 buyin. If this works for everyone, post a response.These are the participants who have noted thus far that they'd be interested:XXEddie - Thread starter - no info on dates/times/site or buyinRoger Wilco - No info on dates/time/siteNavyButtons - As AboveYourBGsARida - Don't know if you'd want to play a $22 - a little above your earlier indicated rangeDubey - No dates/times/sitesMyPlayIsRAB - No dates/times/sitesJesseW316 - Stars or Tilt any evening (Central)Cwik - Stars or Tilt Weekday nights not ThursdayMockerman - FCP or Bodog Any lat
  12. In terms of setting this up either regularly or fairly regularly, that's definitely an idea that we could try to shoot for. I'd definitely play in one, and as stated above I agree in having two buy-ins and possibly a third tournament with the winner of each playing HU. As for now, lets at least try and setup a first one. I'd be more than willing to help act as some to help organize the setting up in terms of determine when/where/who.I think, if this sounds like a good idea, anyone who has an interest in this should post here if what their best days and times would be for this. Additionall
  13. I'd be interested in this too. Maybe we could have a smallish buy-in one and a largeish buy-in one and then have a middle sized buy-in between the winner of each (for pride if one of the small guys can take that one down). I don't know if there's enough interest in it that way. I just feel that there are a good # of players here who'd be willing to play for from say $5-$50ish and possibly a smaller # who would play say $50-$200. Even so, I think if enough were to play in the big buy-in it could still be feasible. If this kind of situation were to take place I'd think run them on two succe
  14. Happy Birthday - my only advice is to enjoy it in whatever way you would imagine most enjoying it right now. I'd reccommend drinking heavily and doing stupid stuff, but that's just me. You don't get chances like the big old 21st too often. To me (now at the ripe age of 25), it's probably the last of the truly FUN birthdays. So honestly, good luck, enjoy it and remember that sure 25, 30, 50, etc. are big - but 21 is the best IMO. Enjoy! And congrats!
  15. Agreed. Similar situation where I post issue on here recently regarding my issues with poker and family and got a great response, so amid everything in here, I wanted to throw that in and say thanks!
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