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  1. And you wonder why newbs dont post much.Even respected members get flamed when they have a bit of a whinge which is out of character for them. This place used to be good, now it's just filling up with twats who have nothing better to do than just disrespect other people.It was a sick beat, and the worse time, let the guy get it out of his system. Like he said, he's back playing again today so good on him for getting over it. Personally I would have went on uber tilt and lost my bankroll. There's no need to be douche bags over it... except for the fact it makes you think you look like a big man
  2. thats such bsa footlong subway melt here cost like $AU 8.50i want $5 footlongs dammit
  3. There's something that worries me about this.DN wants it too bad... when you want something too bad, you push things to the point where you end up losing.I hope I'm wrong but I think Daniel wants this tourney too badly and will infact not make it past day 1.Lets hope I'm wrong.*waits for flames*
  4. No wonder he wears a hat 24/7 usually
  5. I won that tourney once... its good.
  6. Make a powerpoint presentation with pie charts
  7. i run a couple of sites too... PM me with what you need and I might be able to help
  8. Id say promoting another card room doesnt really stick with DN's agreement with PS.
  9. Damn.. what a time to have 5 months online bannaments... no steakaments for meEnjoy the mobnies
  10. so so sickyou run gootwell done and enjoy the ME!! think of me when you TID!
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