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  1. To me the choice is clear between Hillary and Obama.If I see a thread where that is being discussed in a logical and rational manner than I will partake.Otherwise I fear it is way too hot button so I seriously just wanted to limits my comments to China here with context.
  2. I want to keep the focus on China here and not make this a Hillary thing. But I think strong personal freedom leads to a better society. So the concepts can work together without contradiction.
  3. Doyle and Patrick need to come up with something more interesting than poker and golf to bet on. Maybe they could do some mud wrestling. Now that is not such a good visual.
  4. Agreeances.BTW I am voting for Hillary lest you all start to label me a republican. I am an independent best described as a pro-personal freedom moderate.
  5. Bush has already said he is not going to boycott the Olympics.Somebody in here said that Tibet has no national interest for us and they are correct. Sorry Tibet, Sorry Sudan...we cannot save you all.People seem to want it both ways. They want us to stand up for everyone's right to not be abused in the world but they also want us to not meddle in foreigners affairs.But look on the bright side for those of you obsessed with Bush and waking up in the middle of the night with a fever whispering his name into the dark...he will be gone soon enough and the dems will create national healthcare, end
  6. Israel did it in 1981 for the betterment of their nation.You have to ask if we did it ourselves (or if Israel did it again) would it be better for the world to have a nuclear free Iran versus any trouble the strike might cause?You have to do the risk/reward analysis.
  7. I pay attention. (Where I am from we call it channel 5 but whatever)
  8. No need to apologize and you were not out of line. I was just answering your question.By the way, who is that girl in your avatar?
  9. I understand that being married is totally gay.But other than that why are you all obsessed with gay sex so much?If Daniel really wanted to screw with you on level 5 then he would have had a man in his bed. Then he would own your soul.
  10. Sure. I will waste my 100th post on this.You spelled "the" wrong. This is a sad development for the english language.
  11. What rumor said Daniel was gay?And why are you guys all so obsessed with gay sex anyway?Dude had a naked blonde girl in his bed that was passed out cold probably because he beat that snatch down all night long. Stop hating and projecting your homo erotic fantasies onto him.
  12. Hardcore pimpage. That is my kind of housekeeping.
  13. I will even put in an anti-war website for liberals and anti-war activists if you feel that view is not being represented. But I do not see how it affects the facts of the earlier articles.http://www.stopiranwar.com/
  14. I am an independent and feel that the articles I have provided allow for a non-partisan analysis of the situation.If you are unable to set aside your bias from the right or the left in this debate, as most people cannot, there is nothing I can do to assuage such a propensity.
  15. I got these articles from fark.com which is a site like this but news related versus poker related.It is probably one of the top forum sites in the world.And nothing I posted is conspiracy related.Israel has bombed Iraq.There are people that think someone should bomb Iran's nuclear facilities.The USA faces its own nuclear risks.And a war with Iran, maybe just because of their support of militias that are killing US troops alone, seems likely.These are facts and not conspiracies.
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