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  1. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/10/02/a...e_n_991404.html
  2. ZING!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks Bob, I was at that site.
  3. Hello mclumpo,Welcome to the RPM Poker community!Your RPM Poker username is: xxxxxx@xxxxxx(Remember to use your email address xxxxxx@xxxxxxfor login, NOT your screen/username!)IMPORTANT - FOLLOW THESE 3 QUICK STEPS TO COMPLETE YOUR REGISTRATION-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL ADDRESSFOLLOW THIS LINK >> https://secure.rpmpoker.com/email_verificat...ion_code=987954 2. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T MISS OUT ON CASH GIVEAWAYS! We give away cash and bonuses all the time. To make sure you don't miss them, add support@rpmpoker.com and
  4. I really, REALLY, love speedz................. I mean really.
  5. Also, I don't think Obama reads these forums.I could be wrong but.....
  6. I recently had to do a full restore on my computer due to a virus. Now I want to watch some porn, but I'm not very trusting of these sites. McAfee says sites like youporn and redtube are safe but then in the site advisor comments others say they're not.I just want to "study" some porn.Do you guys know FOR SURE of safe ones?
  7. slapstick is a band.
  8. I’ve had a real hard couple of years. I developed an obsessive-compulsive disorder for some reason. I have this PURE fear of germs AND chemicals, and it’s really crippled me for, ya know, living. And now I’ve lost my job and have no reason to leave my house. Which you would think would be good, but it’s not. All I can seem to do is play video games, chain smoke, and was my hands, REPEATEDLY.I just don’t understand I used to be so confident; I was a door to door salesman.You NEED to be sure of yourself to do that successfully.I used to be able to talk to women, attractive women, now I’m in a re
  9. Well thank you for the unwelcome. I admit to being a drunken moron when drunk. Hell, I do lots of moron things when i'm sober too. So I guess none taken.Bitchez be CRAZY.
  10. She didn't have an excuse, she flat out told him the truth. He kicked my ass in front of my fiance and then told her too.So I guess it kinda unfolded into an epic not getting laid story.Thanks for the welcome Randy.
  11. Sheesh. Again, sorry. I was drunk. It looked like a haiku.Kinda.........Actually now not so much.
  12. The post above me is GOSPEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PREACH IT KING!!!!!!!
  13. lets play some stupid donk shit cuz im really drunk and have been for over a week since losing my job.screw you bit chez.really, lets DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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