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  1. Faulty logic to follow:I'd like to think I'd be repping a 9 with a draw here. If he folds to a turn bet, I win. If he calls, I get to the river, which makes me a str8. I think that betting the turn shows strength, so if Mr Tricky bets hard into the river, I have a much better idea that he's got a boat, otherwise the check/check on the turn simply opens the door for a stone-cold bluff. Sure, he could have trips, but is Mr Tricky really opening with x9?On the other hand, this probably isn't some random hand. Mr Tricky probably has quads or, at least a boat, because people just don't post normal
  2. I'm eating blueberries and pineapple. Together!
  3. Why check the turn? Fire another bullet, imo. Also, "tricky" could mean he likes to pump in chips with middle pair or a draw, so I dunno. Putting him on x9 is kind of sabotaging yourself even if he does have that holding.I'd call that 50 and say NH if he has a boat.
  4. Donk4Life is a pretty good player and gives pretty good feedback, but that doesn't make him any less of an *******. Filter through the "tone" and you can get some good intel.
  5. Excellent site. I have already learned so much, it is beyond ken. Also, Giraffenstein has clearly had a nose job, unlike Hopsiah the Kanga-Jew.
  6. Carolina gonna make the playoffs this year...
  7. Minnesota is pretty bleak, all things considered. Nasty winters, not much to "do", assuming you like doing things other than watching TV and hanging at the neighbourhood bar. There may still be a music scene, but you're more than likely going to have to go to Chicago for any major shows.Still and all, it's probably a decent place if you don't mind being small-town. Plenty of camping and outdoorsy stuff to do.
  8. Although I am Canadian, I was born in Columbus...true story
  9. I like the jam. Screw that dude's flush and inside str8 options!
  10. She should have spat, not swallowedAlso, shame on Brv and BigD's mom's for not having the courage to abort.
  11. League name: FCP SubmarinersJoin code: 194458-56628http://www.premierleague.com/en-gb.htmlYou'll see a log-in box on the right hand side of the page for username and password. Registration is a snap and is free. This is a "No money" league, bragging rights only, so even casual fans who want to learn more about the EPL should have fun without too much worry.Your team will be salary-based (100mm budget per team) and you'll find each EPL player has been assigned a value. You can select manually or simply auto-fill.Post any questions on this thread.(Thx, Bob)
  12. Tinker Tailor Soldier SpyExcellent and faithful. Probably one of the best movies of 2011, right after The Help. Just kidding...The Help was cheeseball and ultra-lightweight compared to this.8.5/10
  13. It's a real bag of...well, Sorkinisms. If this show Sorkin could get over itself and write some plots and dialogue that doesn't shove a Self-Righteous Anger stick up your ass, I'd probably be more on board. It's kind of like watching someone vomit onto a Jackson Pollock painting, but is easier to figure out where the vomit stops and the paint begins. Flagrantly over-emotinalised characters and lengthy set-ups to "big moments" that somehow refuse to reach the intended apex.If I never see another "walk and talk" show, it will be too soon for me.BigD, I apologise for agreeing with you, but this s
  14. How's that Emma Watson skinsuit (a la Silence of the Lambs) coming along?
  15. Drive - Soundtrack was pretty gay; Plot was OK; somewhat overstylized, but some pretty good cinematography; the transition to ultra-violence seemed forced. There just didn't seem to be any real reason to pan down to that guy's caved-in face. The implication and Preston's reaction shots were, I thought, evocative enough without having to resort to graphic. Overrated, but still worth a look.6.5/10Contagion - I Like Soderbergh. I enjoy germ movies. This one was a shade better than OK. I didn't feel invested in or affected by (what shoud have been) a story filled with emotion. Part of this can be
  16. 2092 pts...no idea where that puts me, but it's semi-respectable. Some of my horses just didn't get it done...GG!Tom Dwan and Praz Bansi were complete no-shows in the events. Daniel Alaei, Pius Heinz, Chino Rheem and Viktor Blom all dogged out.
  17. Photoshops, eh? I am intrigued. Care to link me?
  18. Hedberg and Hicks. Carlin and Cosby. David Cross, because he riffs on a subject near and dear to my crotch: bestiality, in which he opines that bestiality is more legal in some states, like Texas, than consensual anal sex between humans. Now, I don't know about you, but ****ing an animal in the ass is just disgusting. Unless you have one of those Dyson vacuums and a quality hose hook up. Then, getting the creature to hold still is the hardest part. Except for my dick.And Tosh's stand up might be funny, but I find his show is similar to the Jackass movies. I prefer the cerebral stuff (see above
  19. You're missing the focus of my stupidity, which usually involves crying about losing hands in which the other player has a % chance of winning, which is clearly a stupid thing to cry about because if I (or anyone else) won every single hand in which they were a favorite, then the % of winning would be 100% and there would be nothing to cry about.Get it straight or go Pentacostal, muzzafuzza
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