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  1. I always do, been stompin round the house about 2nd for a bit, lolI made a few bad mistakes in the omaha/8 though, and you capitalized on them well.Plus a super stand up guy on the chop. I agree that they shouldn't be allowed, I usually don't go for them, but I guess the call with DN was my "PRICE"Prob need to do some personal character research.Congrats on the win and a well played tourney.David
  2. thanks everyone,I just feel good doing as well as I did against this field.If there are any real questions anyone wants answered pm me and i'll try to work it in.After the call i'll post a recap of course.David
  3. I think this is for the WSOP HORSE event, not an event that includes a horse.
  4. Yea you still owe me a C note from that, and no those aren't ingrown hairs
  5. Maybe it's just the people i hang out with, but there is nothing sweeter than sending one of them to the rail, or even better yet felting them and then calling a chip runner for them to rebuy.
  6. $ per hour wise it should be close to $100 stt's
  7. bc she's just awsome, simply awsome
  8. tell sam i'll get him his cut of YOUR money as soon as schools out and he quits paying you. sw
  9. If you win all the time at 2/5 and have the money i'm not sure what the difference is between "winning" your buy in and just buying in.Bankroll rules are designed to keep you from going broke. If you don't care if you loose the money/won't effect the game you normally play (1/2,2/5) then there really isn't any reason not to take the shot.In fact i'd argure that even if you lose the experience is + life EV which is really what it's all about anyway.
  10. If you are beating the STT i'd keep that up untill you have enough roll to play NL or PL. Limit will take forever to build with much larger swings.
  11. Here is the full quote He doesn't have an issue with sending her emails in a civilized fashion.
  12. Rounders, if you don't already listen go get the podcast.It's very very good, prob my favorite poker radio show.
  13. I believe the game at the Luxor is 1/3 with a 50 buy in.But as soon as you post you can buy in for another 50, so everybody at the table pretty much starts with 100.Easy game to beat, just pick a hand and put all your chips in. lol
  14. If it's a cash game where i can just buy back in i'm happy to get all my money in with any advantage.If it's a tournament it depends. Are the other people on my table DN, Ivey, Harman, JC and Brunson? I'm looking to gamble for sure bc I'm not good enought to beat them.If it's a table of donks I can prob find a better place to put my money in picking up small pots without the risk of putting all my chips out there.
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