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  1. Don't think I like the river bet. I think check-calling is better. He's check raised the flop and bet out the turn. I don't think he's checking the river back. But he will fold his bluff if we shove. Although a lot of opponents would reraise with AJ in the BB, here, some will smooth call. Still by the river, it's just extremely unlikely he has AJ.
  2. I don't buy it (cheques being too expensive). They could always charge a fee for cheque processing to cover the cost. I'm sure they do have their reasons, but I'm not happy about it.I'll probably call them directly and see what I can work out.Thanks for the response Bob.
  3. I can't withdraw from PokerStars by cheque unless I take out at least $1,000?Has that always been the case?
  4. Jamming here should be profitable.I don't like the alternative if it involves me making a difficult decision on the river. I mean, why am I playing 89 if I'm not going to stick it in here?
  5. Raise preflop. Playing out of position is tricky. Even more so when you're up against 6 opponents who could have almost any two cards.Raise for value, to play against less opponents and to get a better read on your opponents so you can make better decisions later on. Also, have more money in front of you. As played, I don't understand why you wouldn't protect your hand on the flop, but then you stuck it in on the turn, with only one card to come. If you think you have a good chance of being ahead here, you should try to get as much money in on the flop as possible and hopefully, win the pot ri
  6. Playing in my first event today - 4x Shootout.Might join Rose in the Triple Stud as well...GL people!
  7. Will probably play the Triple Stud, Quad Shootout and a couple of NL events, and probably the low main. GL all!
  8. Looks like I missed all the fun by calling Rose light. Congrats to you both.
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