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**official Mma Thread**

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Sage Northcutt is looking to be very special in terms of raw tools and possibly being the very first high level 100% MMA native who started young (albeit in TMA, with a strong orientation towards MMA and he started fighting pro when he was 17, presumably lying about his age).


The catch, obviously, is young age, high level inexperience and mentality. Ryan Leaf had this kind of raw promise, too.

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There goes about 3/4 of a years worth of winnings.

Seats - There are no good seats (unless you are ringside). We had floor seats 11 rows from the ring... pretty close and I paid quite a bit. I couldn't see shit. You can't see over other people's heads

The internet is an environment. Environments attract compatible creatures.   'Comment sections' of anything (Youtube being the best example, where the absolute lowest form of internet vermin are ap

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Wanna bet Trevino gets cut?


1) 2 losses, this one he looked like a total rookie (albeit compared to Northcutt who will be contending very shortly at 155)

2) Misses weight by 4 pounds (going against a fighter who is a significantly larger man who made weight)

3) Pushed Herb Dean

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Dear valued customer,


Tonight, we experienced a contest data issue in MMA, causing a fight included intonight's MMA contests to start and conclude before our scheduled time tonight of7pm ET. Because it started early, users were able to edit or change lineups in MMA with full knowledge of the results of that fight.


Given that the integrity of tonight's MMA games is impacted by this fight starting early, we have no choice but to cancel the MMA 7pm ET contests and refund all contest entries. This process is underway and refunds will be issued promptly this evening.


We understand the frustration this will cause for our players, and investigated several options, but ultimately determined that this is the only fair and equitable solution for our players. We will be doing a full investigation into the root cause of the start time data being off, and how to prevent this from happening again.


As our way of saying sorry, we will also be running a free-entry $10,000 MMA contest next week in apology and appreciation for our MMA players.


We thank you in advance for your understanding and continued support, if you have any additional questions please contact support@draftkings.com.


Thank you,

DraftKings Team

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I think we're just so accustomed to regular events that any dry spell feels like a long time.

Compared to the old days, this is nothing (although as we've talked about before, it does dilute interest)

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Yeah, I definitely wasn't complaining, as I'm more than on record as saying it's too saturated with weaker cards that fall apart if one co-main or main falls out. It just seems like it's been a while. Maybe I'm just thinking in Draft King time, since they screwed the last event.


Should be a good main event on Saturday, which starts at noon. Isn't is Poirier v Duffy? Duffy's first test in UFC vs a refreshed Poirier at 155

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If you had any card on the last DK, you get a ticket to a $10K freeroll.


Duffy is very, very weird. He's beaten Norman Parke and Connor McGregor, he's only lost twice, ever.

Once he got caught in a sub (in a fight that, per reports, he was well on his way to finishing) and once he choked on a TUF audition fight when he was 22 and got caught in a sub. Other than that, the guy is a one man wrecking crew of stoppages, mostly subs, mostly Round 1.


Poirier *is* a different animal. Since McGregor beat Poirier and Duffy beat McGregor, per MMAth, Duffy beats Poirier but I just don't know.

Poirier is coming in at 55 this go round with pretty much equal stats (an inch shorter in height and reach). Duffy *is* a natural Welter, whereas Poirier is probably reasonably close to his walking weight at 55. I don't know what Duffy clocks in at gate time.


I think there's a better than 25% chance Poirier took a dive in the McGregor fight. Just putting that out there.


When Duffy fought McGregor and Parke five years ago, (the only two UFC vets in his early MMA history, and both pretty high level) they were all very young, and he subbed them much like he subbed *everyone* in 7 of his first 8 fights. BJJ is a magical power against opponents who don't play it at a high level, which the local upper-echelon MMA scene in Ireland probably suffered a bit from in 2010, but its a different ballgame against Poirier who himself has 3 subs at the UFC level (including one against Max Holloway).


Poirier is a BJJ brown belt, but I don't know under who. Duffy just got his purple, but his ring performance speaks for itself. Duffy is an undefeated boxer, but I don't know how high-level his competition was.


Poirier is French, which is a higher race than Irish, culturally speaking, but lower races excel in fight sports, which means that Irish Joe gets the automatic 10% edge that is assigned to any black man fighting a white guy.


Overall, I give this to Duffy and ya know why? Because I believe that Poirier is in the bag for the UFC orginization, whenever they need someone at 45 or 55 to take a dive for the benefit of advancing someone up the ladder for a more marketable fight, which Duffy/McGregor very much is. You watch. When Poirier retires, he will be 'offered an administrative job with the UFC as assistant director of fighter development". Everything I just typed there is less-likely than more-likely, but not implausible.

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I don't know any of those guys. I gotta do some research. Realized I had two lineups for the last one so I'm happy I have two free tickets.


I won't copy your card.

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I thought that with the Mendes fight


You've seen Mendes lose. Aldo hasn't lost in forever. Fighting nothing but the best.


If it ends up with Aldo at +180 or +200, I'd gladly accept a bet for Aldo and you could have CM

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You will bet +180 but not +160? Cheap ass!


To be fair, I've never, ever sports bet. But I'll take Aldo and +140 and above. Max $50, because I'm small potatoes

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The prime line on him right now is +164 at Sportbet, as low as +125 on SportsInteraction.

Aldo opened at +150 avg, immediately plunged to +125, blasted back up over +150 with the average price trending downward.


If you want to make a $50 bet, now wouldn't be a bad time since the bet isn't big enough necessitate spreading out your risk by averaging in a position and I just don't see him getting priced better (although it could happen. There is a lot of WWE fan energy behind McGregor)

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