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**official Mma Thread**

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There goes about 3/4 of a years worth of winnings.

Seats - There are no good seats (unless you are ringside). We had floor seats 11 rows from the ring... pretty close and I paid quite a bit. I couldn't see shit. You can't see over other people's heads

The internet is an environment. Environments attract compatible creatures.   'Comment sections' of anything (Youtube being the best example, where the absolute lowest form of internet vermin are ap

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60 bucks for a fight remember when they were half that


$20 not so sober bet on silva at -170 amscray ya buddy


Pretty sure at this point, fan buys are a drop in the bucket compared to commercial buys.

I don't know for sure, I'm guessing but at these prices, they can't expect fans to bear this.

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Sorry amscray


I'm just bullshitting ya.

I had to prepare myself for this, which I did. I've taken huge hits before, it's just part of the game. Sucks, but that's how it goes.


More annoyed that earlier today, I was pulled over doing 25 in a 25 by a cop who told me she was 'giving me a warning' for going 36.

Pretty much the most awful thing on earth is having to sit there and 'play along' with some ethically compromised drooler and their lie-games.

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