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ok I'll respond to this one even though I bumped the old 200k thread and got no responses lolI'm in...  ID: CrackofmyACE
I was going to reply there, but i like fresh threads better. So i held off and this one popped up!
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7210 at the break.Very first hand I limp with KQo with a couple of limpers in front of me, I flop top two and get good action to bring me up to 2880.Still in the first level I pick up TT in the sb, MP3 and CO limp(I think), I pop it, bb folds they both call. Flop comes K J x, I throw out a bet to see if I can take it down, CO calls. Turn is a 10! I bet, he min-raises and has like 500 behind him, I put him all in and he flips K 10. Right before the break I complete from the sb with K4o and one limper. Flop comes K55, I check limper pots it I call. Turn is a 10, I check again limper goes all in for just more than the pot, I call and he flips 22.

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