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  1. just popping in for a minute.I don't have time to think of something clever so...*insert witty homoerotic comment here*And of course,Hi Shake.
  2. So I called in sick today. Just had to stop in for a minute.For those of you who were horrified, I just wanted to say that I'd never, ever follow thru on this. I was mostly kidding.But she has been at my house a lot babysitting, and there have been some wierd vibes, and I was hearing a lot of complaints about the thread being dead, so I thought I give you guys something to chew on.But I could never bone my son's aunt. Just wanted to throw that out there...
  3. First of all... I'm glad to see Turd Furgeson posting. I'm sure I'm really late to the "Welcome back Turd Party", but so be it...In other news, I'm only going to be online for a minute tonight, but I want to throw out a little moral dilemma I've got and hopefully get some responses from the peanut gallery. I'll check in tomorrow to see what you all think. Here it is:Suppose, hypothetically, that I'm not comfortable having just anyone babysit my son, therefore I usually get family to sit for him, or I don't go out at all.And suppose, hypothetically, that my usual go-to babysitter (my mom) has b
  4. So I was just randomly looking at some pages in this thread and laughing my *** off.I almost forgot how funny some of you are... (Not you. Or you. But you... you're funny)I miss this place.How weird is that?I'm just going to have to make more of an effort to check in regularly.It probably won't happen during office hours but I'll be around more often in the evenings (eastern time).And for those of you in the midwest, that sound you just heard was Speedz.Don't be frightened, he always makes that noise when he, um... climaxes.There'll be some whimpering and then it'll all be over.I'm going to
  5. You would if you loved me...Come on...how about over the shirt?
  6. holla!I'm just checking in on my ebitches.Everyone staying in line?Who needs a smack?
  7. Wait, so Caleb's posting again? Cool.Funny how I'm glad to hear that considering that i haven't posted myself in forever.I'm just happy for the thread. I'm a team player...Rest assured that I'll begin my search for drunken, gay Matt stories as soon as I'm done posting this...My kid's awesome. He's 5 now, in preschool, and I'm fairly certain he can read better than I can. He kinda scares me.He also makes me feel like one of those sitcom dads.You know the sitcom dad who's so stupid he can barely feed himself? And he's no match at all for his kids, and you cannot think of one good reason why the
  8. fair enough.I can wait......so how about now?
  9. I want to ask about Turd, but I'm afraid to.wait, don't tell me, I don't want to know...tell me there's hot lesbo LadyGrey pics buried in this thread waiting for me to find them.And BTW - how's Chicago?
  10. this struck me as funny as you're like, what? 14 years old?isn't everyone older than you? I knew I smelled something! Nothing else in the world smells like a mixture of strawberry pop tarts, scallops & desitin.I miss your splooge. not that I know of.We split up for completely unrelated reasons.I was lying to Shake.Of course it's your splooge I really miss...So who can get me up to speed in 20 words or less?
  11. *cautiously sticking my head in the door*Is this the right place?Where is everyone?I smell Shakezuma...*slinking away*
  12. Dear Speedz,I met this chick at the bar last weekend.She was cute, I was witty - yada, yada, yada,We ended up back at my house & it was going really well until I asked if I could call her "Matt".Awkward hilarity ensued, followed shortly thereafter by blue balls.So what I'm trying to say is...I miss you.But not in a 'gay' way.Cause, you know,That'd be weird...
  13. Since when do you post on this forum?
  14. I love it.This kid always brings the goods...
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