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  1. im watching last weeks poker after dark and im laughing thinking about it every time they show him.
  2. i think you gotta fold 4th street. i dont peel a card there with a 3 low against a 4 low showing even though they have an 8 unless i have something else, pair or flush draw. another stud8 question i pretty much taught myself never read any books, but im pretty sure im right about this. there is pretty much not any circumstances when you should complete the bring in, correct. i see people doing it a lot but i never do.
  3. the first one, dont even care about the money, its the principal and all the bs the guy went thru to get me send him money, his name is tommy619 on ap/ub i think he said he was ap if he wasnt lying about that also
  4. i saw a thread a while ago and someone had gotten scammed by someone and somebody posted the persons real name and address, just wanted to know how they got that info because i got scammed and want to find that out for payback
  5. its because the old $50 bills looked a lot like $5s and ppl would frequently tip a dealer, etc with a $50 thinking it was a $5
  6. I haven't had internet access since before neteller shut down for us customers. What is the best was to deposit money. i saw on stars they mentioned western union, is that a safe way to deposit?
  7. are they going to reach the 30 min. players required? there are less than 10 ppl playing cash games
  8. how far is foxwoods or mohegan by train/bus
  9. that sucks there are games here in raleigh every day. i guess ill find somewhere that has wireless internet if i want to play
  10. im going to visit my sister in nyc from tonight until sunday. she has to work all day so i need something to do. does anyone know of some games to play during the day tomorrow?
  11. ill take the field every year, the fields are way too big. a "top pro" hasnt won since 2001 and mortenson wasnt really a top pro then. why do you guys spend all this time making up absurd odds for these pros to win when the chances are there will be maybe 1 pro at the final table
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