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I think he really really relates to Home Alone just for the title.

So, instead of doing actual work i need to do I decided to go through and tabulate all the punishments handed down by Essay. Not counted: prelim warnings (1 each) for BigD and Rod. Also, Essay was "

I'm assuming my jokes are valued at .77 of a man's.

BigD's Top Ten of Posters in Essay's Top Ten Lists Thread as of 3/10/15







6)Napa Lite


8)The Ocho




Others Receiving votes:




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i've never even heard of raising cane's. and chipotle is all about the chicken. same with subway and quiznos. long john silver's is amazing.




I almost wish I didn't hate living in JoCo with the white-hot intensity of 10,000 suns. If I didn't, I would loooooooove to open a couple of Caine's franchises there. It would be like printing money.


When I saw the first one open here I couldn't believe that a store would make it selling only chicken fingers. Now I drive by that store and there is almost always at least 2 cars, usually half a dozen, in the drive thru.




Shit, looks like they're doing corporate stores only at the moment...

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yeah, I like cane's There's one down town that's open to 3, like a ****ing genius, and rakes in all the late night bar business. WHat amazing drunk food that would have been in college. These days though, if I'm driving by canes, it's to go to that Deleon's that's down the street from it.

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Essay's Top Ten 90's Songs



1. "Return of the Mack" - Mark Morrison (



2. "Lightning Crashes" - Live (



3. "Found Out About You" - Gin Blossoms (



4. "I Want It That Way" - Backstreet Boys (



5. "Truly, Madly, Deeply" - Savage Garden (



6. "The Way" - Fastball (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nU-XLNs4TCY)


7. "Runaway Train" - Soul Asylum (



8. "No Diggity" - Blackstreet (



9. "This Is How We Do It" - Montel Jordan (



10. "My Own Worst Enemy" - Lit (

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