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I think he really really relates to Home Alone just for the title.

So, instead of doing actual work i need to do I decided to go through and tabulate all the punishments handed down by Essay. Not counted: prelim warnings (1 each) for BigD and Rod. Also, Essay was "

I'm assuming my jokes are valued at .77 of a man's.

1983 would have been if they were winners and could have closed it. i put them over the 1997 champs though, so they get my respect. 1999 should have coasted to a title, and would have if Dr. Tom hadn't idiotically retired. they beat 1993 if they play though, assuming tom coached both.

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Essay's Top Ten Sexual Encounters


1. Four times in one day, including in the bathroom of a hotel room.

2. three blow jobs in one day from a sophomore when i was a senior in high school

3. that time i lasted longer than five minutes

4. only time i got road head

5. first time with no condom

6. losing my virginity (came instantly on penetration)

7. girl from law school cheated on her boyfriend with me (she regretted it instantly)

8. first time i jerked off (to a still photo of britney spears)

9. only time with emma (name changed to protect the ashamed)

10. i got nothing else

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I'm surprised you came up with 7 solid nominations for that list.

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Any temperature list that excludes 78 is a waste of bandwidth.

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I assume 21 is a tribute to husker great Laurence Phillips and not a serious temperature


I wonder why Essay21 put the number 21 in his list of numbers.


The rest are nebraska and ku's championships.

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