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Facebook Laughs

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There is an EPIC facebook happening happening right now involving a FCP'er. I don't know if I can post it or not.It starts like this:Posted by his motherGood way to ruin your life, (Name Removed)... by getting back together with an ugly, cheating, controlling whore. So sad. I support you and love you... I always will. But you're letting the devil back into your life. I'm disgusted and disappointed. I had nothing but respect for you. I still love you, but the financial assistance is done. Don't tell me about your problems and about all the slutty things she does to you. I don't want to hear it anymore. You want to date dirty white trash... that's your option. I love you.

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I just read the last 10 or so post and I no idea what is going on in them.Anyone want to translate for me?
I was under the impression that Kuwaiti34's mom thinks that he is back together with a girl that she thinks is a slut and that this is a bad thing because she's diseased and Kuwaiti might be gay.
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