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"double Or Nothing Sngs On Pokerstars"

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PokerStars Game #25167630227: Tournament #142386535, $10.00+$0.40 Hold'em No Limit - Level III (25/50) - 2009/02/20 15:38:27 PT [2009/02/20 18:38:27 ET]Table '142386535 1' 10-max Seat #10 is the buttonSeat 1: Mimiraiko (1540 in chips) Seat 2: Robbin_Huud (1360 in chips) Seat 3: djt5483 (1190 in chips) Seat 4: IzacStar (880 in chips) Seat 5: cbzdmh (1300 in chips) Seat 6: edrich (1490 in chips) Seat 7: wingnut44 (1465 in chips) Seat 8: PauliKK (1915 in chips) Seat 9: toshfcp (1425 in chips) Seat 10: TimmyB6533 (2435 in chips) Mimiraiko: posts the ante 5Robbin_Huud: posts the ante 5djt5483: posts the ante 5IzacStar: posts the ante 5cbzdmh: posts the ante 5edrich: posts the ante 5wingnut44: posts the ante 5PauliKK: posts the ante 5toshfcp: posts the ante 5TimmyB6533: posts the ante 5Mimiraiko: posts small blind 25Robbin_Huud: posts big blind 50*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to toshfcp [Jh Jd]djt5483: folds IzacStar: folds cbzdmh: calls 50edrich: folds wingnut44: folds PauliKK: folds toshfcp: raises 150 to 200TimmyB6533: folds Mimiraiko: raises 1335 to 1535 and is all-inRobbin_Huud: folds cbzdmh: folds ????
Unless you have a read on him or he had a vip of 50%+ so far this is a fold. Otherwise you only have one chance on a coinflip if he has AK and 3 chances he has you dominated with an overpair.I've been playing these over the last two weeks with Holdem Manager. I think it's a pretty nice addition. Especially to find out who the tighest players are in the first half of the game. Against some you have 90%+ chance of success with your steals. It's important to filter your hud for each blind level and/or for the number of players left on the table as tactics used by decent players chance hugely during the game.but my main reason to bump this is ofcourse to brag as I'm currently having a streak of very nice variance. I won 51 of my last 70 $20.8 DoN's good for a win rate of 72%. Weeeeee!Overall my winning% on 20.8's is 56.5%. While I had 60.8% at the 10.4's (both after about 400 games). So i'm still going to stay at the 20's till I can get it a bit closer to 60% before I attempt the 50's.Most regular multi-tablers at this level win about 54% to 56%. The highest % on a large sample (500+) i've seen is 60% and most of them if you look them up again can't keep it that high.VovaPunisher for example had 60% win after 840 games but dropped now to 58% after 1550 games.Cudowny at 61% after 250 games is at 59% after 640and so on...
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