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  1. same thing happened at the FT of scoop 2-L.. first place was about 10k and chipleader was offered 12k.
  2. Don't know anything about the books. But I can confirm that Rob Hollink is a top plo player. He's active on a dutch training site (called Nederpoker) where he made many videos about plo. From the basics to the highest stakes where he plays against durrr, zigmund and such. Don't know if his book will be any good, but he sure knows what he's talking about.Also don't know if he still has it but he used to have a plo table on full tilt with a seat reserved for him.
  3. how about shoving only the top 75%-80%? you show you are capable of folds in situations where many push ATC. Is the extra credit you build up like that against regs worth it? or do you think they won't adjust their calling range because of it?
  4. so 61.439 posts have been deleted over the years?
  5. As long as he doesn't dress up like her it's ok :PShe beat some very strong opponents to get there though.
  6. Is there a diffrence in difficulty between the 6.25 turbo and the 5.25 non-turbo HU SNG's?I started playing some of these to improve my HU game in general. When I played 6-max I noticed I ended up 2nd twice as often as first.Currently only played some 2.2's (no turbo's to be found in mirco level), but play seems a bit too bad there to actually learn anything
  7. hehe that was my first thought too, although I don't like that Greenstein has to get eliminated for it.Also, is Phil Laak really good enough to get in the semi's?Hmm, maybe because diamond bracket seems fairly weak.The winner should defenitely come from left half of the field (Spade or Clubs bracket)
  8. sounds about right to me, but there are perfectly fine calculators for ICM ... calculating this manually is an insult to those fine programs!! :PAlso I guess it isn't about an MTT, but an STT on the bubble with payout 50%/30%/20%?if so you have more chance on getting a useful answer on the 2+2 STT forum than here I guess
  9. yeah it's usually around 30 minutes.Don't like the reboots, they always shut down the turbo sit&go's way too early. They never last more than an hour yet they are shut down 2 hours before reboot.Aah well, time to work on my mirco level cash game challange :-)
  10. daniel currently playing tsarrast. Daniel sat down with 20k and tsarrast with 30k.Currently both at 25k
  11. from 3:1 down to equal stacks now!
  12. 3 handed now... keep going! Don't go out 3rd $999 sucks ... no 4 figure cash!
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