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Vince Vaughn As A Degen Poker Player...

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After unsatisfying results earlier in his career, Vince Vaughn is about to explore his dramatic side once again. According to Variety, the popular comedic actor will star in "Pride and Glory" director Gavin O'Connor's next flick, "Sunny and 68." Written with Vaughn in mind, "Sunny" finds him playing a champion poker player whose alcoholism and immaturity cause him to blow it all on national television. With bookies after him for $500,000 in debt, he heads home to upstate New York planning to retrieve the cash he has been sending his mother for years. Instead, he finds her suffering from terminal cancer and raising a 5-year-old girl who turns out to be his daughter (perhaps it's really a melodrama?). Along with his former high school girlfriend, the mother of the young girl, the three women teach Vaughn's character how to grow up and be a man.Sounds interesting............somewhat.Dan

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Jesus Christ this sounds like a terrible movie. Anyone who's so detached from his family that he doesn't know he has a daughter or that his mom has cancer, is never going to "grow up and be a man", what they are more likely to do is shoot themselves in the face.

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