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    I May Cry

    Well I'm no 15 thousand posts level hunk like you...
  2. Jennings7

    I May Cry

    In the old days we would have said, "obv brag".
  3. Jennings7

    I May Cry

    I've been off and on the last 6 years but I have started a few epic threads in my day. I miss this place though and may make a concerted effort to make a comeback. This is probably the most notable threat I've started. >>> http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...0&hl=actors
  4. Jennings7

    I May Cry

    There's a familiar face!
  5. Jennings7

    I May Cry

    Just popped my head in after a prolonged absence and I'm stunned to see that this forum seems to have almost completely died. I miss the old days Seriously though, what did I miss? This place used to be hoppin!
  6. Everyone who voted for Obama caused this. Thanks guys...
  7. You people all are apparently old as all hell. Mine was this beautiful piece of American art...This isn't mine but it looks identical. The 1995 Chevrolet Corsica...Oh yes.
  8. The Fighter...and it was awesome. Christian Bale convinced me he actually was a crack head for this movie.
  9. Uncle Teddy enthusiastically picking a fight with a bull-dyke was maybe the funniest thing ever put on cable television.
  10. Great Ep. Ari definitely came off as a much better guy then they've really shown him to be throughout the season. It was cool seeing him treat Turtle like someone worthy of advice. And the way he gave Eric advice almost seems like he's taking on a mentor role with him. Pretty sweet overall.
  11. If I remember correctly he drove a Ford Taurus regularly in the first and second season and eventually drove a mini-van that he bought from the car salesman he eventually killed. This season he has been driving some type of SUV. I believe he does take cars from the impound occasionally but not always.
  12. Yeah, nothing like pissing off the guy holding the big sharp knife!I think its going to be bad-ass to see Dex have exactly ZERO fear of the skinner when he is chained to some chair. I think a cool but obvious ending would be Dexter killing the skinner by getting out of his handcuffs somehow and then framing the skinner for Miguel's death after Dexter puts that mo-fo outta commission. Side-Note-I hate Deb's character. She is borderline retarded and comes off as pathetic.
  13. I personally think this movie will be decent but I absolutely hate the director. They cast an actor that fits pretty well as Gambit in Taylor Kitsch. The director Gavin Hood has absolutely no experience doing a movie like this and his only other mainstream movie was the very anti-american Rendition.
  14. Saw the movie. Loved the movie. Ledger should win an oscar for his performance.
  15. I'm curious to see if they will include any scenes featuring Denis Leary in this movie since it has long been rumored Leary stole jokes and his persona from Hicks.
  16. Jennings7

    Dirty Jobs

    Bear Grylls would kick Mike Rowe's ass.Oh hey, I'm back.
  17. So, I'm probably not keeping with whatever convo might be going on right now in this thread....but I actually did call in sick today. I just thought I would throw that out.
  18. TheRegime, why the hell are you making challenges to someone who will obviously want to play for much higher stakes than you can even come close to affording. You are obviously trying to create a massive level, or are massively retarded. Stop making challenges your wallet can't back up. Anyone can throw out empty challenges. Come back when you can actually afford a bet of 1K, let alone 50K. The "I won't lose so I'll bet whatever Daniel wants" defense is pathetic so don't use it.
  19. Wow, what the hell is going on in this thread. Note to flamers. STFU and GTFO. Obviously this is a gossip thread meant for statements that are not proven or supported by pure facts. The day any of you do not like hearing about interesting news that may or may not be true involving big time poker players is the day I quit roaming this site...On second thought, I rarely come here anymore due to most of the pathetically shallow posts and lack of interesting topics, so I suppose I will not be disappointed.
  20. I hate a lot of your plays, but fun read overall. You seem to be creating reasons why you made certain plays while you are recounting them instead of logically thinking through the hands while they are happening. Remember, every single cent you don't value bet is money you have lost. Your last hand was played poorly in certain parts, especially the river.
  21. I hate you. You are "that guy" that wants to pretend he is on the good side of said superstar. What do you hope to gain, favor with him or his entourage? Was he nice because his entourage didn't throw you out of the way. Let me guess, he looked at you with a moderately average expression, instantly making you cooler than everyone around you. He must be a great guy! People like you make me sick. You are floored by the fact that a super star breathed the same air as you so you spread the gospel of their generosity like herpes. You are the reason ******* celebs manage to cover up their misdeeds.
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