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  1. Seriously what the hell is wrong with you? You need help. The man he's become isn't one you'd be proud of??? What fully functional adult talks like that about someone they don't even know personally? Poker is his job-period-and it would be absolutely pathetic if someone defined themselves solely by their profession. What he chooses to do with his time at the table or away is none of your business, to say that he can't seem to devote two hours to fans-wtf do you know? Do you know if he signs autographs and talks to fans in person? Do you know if he volunteers his time to charity's? It makes me
  2. You got legitimate offers and rather than actually seeing your project put on screen you decided to hold out for more? Interesting strat. Absolutely there are examples of screenplays that have been shelved for years generally speaking they were passion projects by established industry people but it's certainly a possibility. You answer everything I say in the most inane run around/avoidance cycle. But since you looped around to it I totally agree that half of Hollywood loves poker and the fact that they aren't actively looking to get involved with poker as a movie concept should say
  3. There's that density sticking out again. I actually gave multiple examples to both scenarios which you've ignored. As well I pointed out my entire point was flow not specific content. I've sold as many as you to this point and likely would never enter a contest. I actually got a pay cheque for writing this week which is I'm sure bounds above your screenwriting pay thus far. Restaurant business is good. Just took a decent job and negotiating the sale of a concept I developed hey look at that more selling stuff for me.
  4. I would imagine had he loved your script you'd have a very different opinion. You got a little recognition and should be proud of that but at some point you should've brushed that pride aside and taken an open minded look at the entire situation. I pointed out numerous very basic errors in what little you posted and would imagine those same sorts of errors echoed through out. But, you essentially ignored every question asked or answered it in the most nonsensical way. At what point do you stop resting on the little recognition you got and start asking yourself why nobody has been inte
  5. Actually I asked about the tag line/synopsis over a week ago had you responded that you had them but for some reason you felt posting on forums, spamming on twitter and starting pages on Facebook was better suited using other stuff the conversation would've went different, I would've disagreed and we would've went from the there. I'm not frustrated, I own businesses have functioned fairly well over the years. Write articles, essays as requested and write and push screenplays as time permits, If anything I owe you a thanks, reading the little dribble you've posted caused me to look back th
  6. You need a week and a half to formulate that response? I think if you're going to try and garner interest through the means you have like twitter, Facebook, forums those things would've served a much better purpose opposed to what you've done. However, if that's your stance how hard would it have been to answer that in the first place instead of the gigantic circle of nonsensical responses? That's completely insane...
  7. That maybe a brutal version of the summary of the coverage but it in no way operates as the coverage a reader would move up the ladder. I enjoy that you constantly state that you know what a log line and synopsis are but then state you don't need them as the coverage should serve the point. If you know what they are and understand the purpose you would understand why they are more important and useful than the coverage you have. Someone wanting to read your script would do so after viewing your query and then would do their own analysis/coverage of the script to forward to producers/execs
  8. My posts started out on a positive note here and even in giving some feedback I commended you. Any attitude I post with now is purely s result of the insanity that you've responded with. What you posted is far from traditional or proper coverage. Coverage is either typically done 1) as a paid service to show the writer how a paid reader would recommend or pass on the script 2) how a reader/producer/agent etc would pass the project upward in hopes of getting the project done. What you are showing here as "coverage" is a bland, information less review by someone who has reviewed over six
  9. Lol ten days since I asked about the very basic log line and synopsis that you haven't been able to answer and this is what You up with? This isn't even proper coverage and has been posted before and serves no purpose as it related to what i repeatedly asked, it tells absolutely nothing worthwhile about the script or the story in general. You're aware how many scripts will only get read because of a log line right? And you're aware that often the process goes: person in the business reads longline then asks for synopsis or treatment then asks for script right? You're also aware that an
  10. I'm totally allowed to make jokes like that some of my best friends are handicapped kids- I should've stated that first. Sorry
  11. Yeah I shouldn't have brought shepherds or fat girls into it. I apologize.
  12. Actually what happened was that I was pretty respectful offering some helpful hints on how to improve something that looked like it may have been written by a handicapped child. (No offence handicapped children) you took the constructive criticism about as well as my shepherd takes a rectal thermometer. Just like the fat girl who can't get a man but acts like she doesn't even want one you went about defending your screenplay in about the most nonsensical way possible. In fact here you are declaring you will answer some of my very basic questions when time permits because the multiple days
  13. I'm fairly certain to anyone with an iq above that of an average rock that its clear what you've written, what I've written, the narrative in what you've expressed and any hyperbole that may have been injected. It's also utterly clear that you've taken every opportunity possible to comment on the insignificant and avoid almost all relevant questioning and every logical point. You've dodged, danced around or outright ignored just about every reasonable point made. A helluva lot more then four times. You quote posts and respond or comment on the most mundane insignificant point and willfull
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